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Netanyahu retaliated for Obama’s rude treatment by canceling his participation in the conference on nuclear proliferation. His deputy Meridor will attend instead.

Arabs will use the US-sponsored conference to bash Israel’s nuclear program rather than Iran’s. Instead of getting the Arabs to condemn Iran, Obama will have them lambaste Israel. Unlike Obama, Arabs do real politics quietly: all of them support bombing Iran, but none of them will say that publicly.

Arab vandals damaged dozens of tombstones at kibbutz Merhavia cemetery.

Despite Zionist rhetoric, Jews cannot live as “free people in their land.”  They cannot die that way, either.

Some 5,000 Jews prayed at the tomb of Joshua bin Nun, the conqueror of the Promised Land.

The questionable practice of praying at graves aside, the Jews committed a mammoth abomination by allowing themselves to hide under the IDF’s protection and suffering a hail of Arab stones during the prayer.

Joshua led the Jewish mob in exterminating the natives of Canaan. He “left nothing that breathes.” The Gibeonites, the only surviving tribe, tricked Joshua into accepting them as slaves rather than killing them all.

Jews cannot pray at Joshua’s tomb, yet we refuse to carry out the very policies for which we praise him. The 5,000-strong crowd could have settled forever the problem with the Arab village whose residents were stoning them with impunity.

The family of Al Bustami—the leader of Fatah and the Al Aqsa Martyrs in Schem (Nablus)—complained that the evil Israeli soldiers who came to arrest him damaged much of his property.

Instead of blaming Abbas for not arresting the terrorist—which Fatah undertook to do under the Oslo Accords—Palestinian media lambasted the Israeli incursion.

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