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Two Israeli Arabs from Acre were arrested when they attempted to purchase firearms, which they admitted under interrogation they had planned to use against Jews during riots.

The Arabs could have lied and said that they had criminal goals in mind, but they know that in the mad Jewish state a sentence for a political crime is typically lesser.

Hearings have begun on the case of one Anat Kam. Serving as a secretary in the bureau of OC Central Command from 20052007, she copied some 2,000 top-secret files and passed them to Haaretz. With the military censor looking the other way, the ultra-left newspaper duly published extensive references to Israel’s secret military policies, including specific information on the killing of wanted terrorists and deployment in the West Bank.

Lieberman’s Minister of Tourism demanded that the state invests in the tomb of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, a famous kabbalist. The government thus seeks to profit from a form of Judaism it rejects in daily affairs of the state.

In his hypocritical efforts to promote Rabbi bar Yochai, the minister is unlikely to recall his famous opinion about gentiles.

A Haifa court awarded $8,000 in compensation to two Arabs who, naturally enough, were singled out for thorough searches on an El Al flight.

The court mentioned that the Arabs had been asked to apologize to one of the guards, so they certainly behaved provocatively.

I’ve yet to see a single Jew blow up an airplane, so the question arises, what is so wrong with passenger profiling? Millions of Jewish passengers suffer airport checks because politically correct governments shrink from official profiling.

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