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Russia’s largest independent oil company, Lukoil, announced its suspension of gasoline shipments to Iran. Lukoil supplies about 3% of Iranian gasoline imports, and its decision indicates that despite its pro-Iran rhetoric, the Russian establishment has accepted American pressure for stronger sanctions.

Previously, gasoline deliveries were halted by Glencore, a rogue trading company which normally deals with the world’s outcasts. Glencore maintains strong contacts with Iran, and only the utmost pressure from the United States could have forced it to halt the business.

Iran can still get its gasoline through Venezuela and China.

It took Israel four years of intense lobbying to halt gasoline shipments to Iran. The same goal could have been achieved easily and immediately by sabotaging highly inflammable gasoline tankers on the open seas.

When Israeli police tried to stop a stolen car near Tapuach, Arabs attempted to run over the policemen. The Jews were quicker and shot the Arabs, who are currently receiving free treatment in an Israeli hospital.

Police are investigating what is being touted as one of the biggest bribery cases in Israeli history. Holyland, Polar Investments, and other companies paid “tens of millions” of shekels in bribes to municipalities and other officials to facilitate their projects in Jerusalem, Galilee, and other places.

It seems so far that the bribes were purely facilitatory and did not infringe on public interest. It is common knowledge that construction in Israel is impossible without bribes. The Israeli government has created a bureaucratic mess that is impossible to navigate honestly. No wonder that projects worth billions of dollars have generated a few small bribes.

The investigation targets Uri Messer, which may discredit him as a witness against Olmert.

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