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NATO soldiers were caught in an Afghan village near Gardez removing bullets from bodies. The troops were trying to conceal evidence of the killing of Afghani civilians—two men and three women—during the course of a raid to capture an insurgent.

Afghani informers often give NATO troops false targets as a way to settle scores with their personal enemies. The soldiers acted in good faith, but lacking advanced training in hostage-release operations, they were not able to discern the proper targets during the fighting.

The army is so afraid of prosecution by the media that NATO soldiers had to resort to ghastly concealment of evidence.

Afghani president Karzai blamed the Taliban insurgency on NATO’s presence in the country and vowed to push ahead with his plan to reconcile with the Taliban. By forging an alliance with the insurgents, Karzai hopes to remain in power after NATO’s withdrawal, but the Taliban will no doubt execute him eventually. Karzai is trying to bring Iran into Afghanistan to replace the US as an arbiter; to that end, he invited Ahmadinejad to Kabul.
Obama greatly offended Karzai by refusing to meet him in the White House and with his silly demands that Karzai fight corruption and establish electoral transparency. Uprooting corruption is not only impossible, but would remove the one carrot Karzai has for his loyalists. Transparent elections would bring hostile elements to power in Afghanistan just as they have brought victories to Hamas and Hezbollah.

In Iraq, the ruling establishment is also preparing for American withdrawal by forging closer ties with Iran.
Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan chose Iran over the United States because the ayatollahs stand with their friends firmly and avoid liberal rhetoric.

One Rasul Magomedov, a Muslim, identified a Moscow suicide bomber as his daughter. The Russian security service claims she was married to an Islamist militant. How could that be true if her parents were unaware of the marriage? The alleged bomber was a pious Muslim woman who lived permanently with her parents, and only disappeared a day before the attack, allegedly traveling the significant distance between Dagestan and Moscow in so short a time.

In previous bombings, Russian security services framed Muslims in order to start a war, but this time a war in Chechnya is unlikely. Russia’s president has declared the need to differentiate between “gangsters” and Muslim civilians. The later, therefore, are not to be attacked as they were a decade ago, when Russian troops killed some 10% of Chechnya’s civilian population—exposing an attitude slightly different from Russian concerns over the slight Arab fatalities in Gaza during Israeli anti-terrorist operations.

The UN Secretary General visited the site of the former Aral Sea in Uzbekistan, which went 90% dry after the rivers feeding it were diverted for agricultural projects. Ban did not so much as complain about Tajikistan’s overuse of river water, though the UN routinely lambastes Israel for supplying “not enough” of her water to Palestinians and Jordanians.
Uzbekistan is the new pariah in the UN. Its autocratic leader, Islam Kerimov, does not allow Iran to spread its influence into his country. The Muslim-dominated UN Human Rights Committee therefore targeted Uzbekistan for its human rights record, which, though far from perfect, is far better than that of other UNHRC members.

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