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Even as 20 rockets were fired at Israel from Gaza in March, two soldiers were killed in fighting, and Mashaal called on terrorist leaders to widen the scope of warfare, Israel’s defense minister made a goodwill gesture.

In order to placate the anti-Semitic UN, Ehud Barak allowed a massive shipment of cement and other materials into Gaza. Israel has traditionally refused to let cement into Gaza because Hamas uses it to build bunkers.

For almost two decades, IDF has had insane rules of engagement: if Arabs attack with rocks and firebombs, soldiers should drive away. Imagine how provocative the sight of Israeli soldiers speeding away was to “victorious” Arabs.

Only if the soldiers could not run away were they allowed to shoot: first in the air, then at their antagonists’ legs; only after exhausting these options, if their opponents remained alive, could they shoot freely.

Well, no more. New rules of engagement forbid Jews to shoot even at firebombers if an armored jeep is available to drive the soldiers away. They can shoot only when firebombs are thrown at a Jewish civilian car, and even then only after receiving permission from their commander—that is, after the Arabs are gone. Soldiers cannot shoot at stone-throwers at all.

Thousands of Jews have been wounded and dozens killed with rocks and firebombs.

April 2010
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