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As usual, hundreds of Palestinians staged riots at Niilin and Bilin, undeterred by IDF’s closure of the areas.

As usual, IDF reacted with rubber bullets, thus assuring the Palestinians of their safety, which will encourage them to repeat the riots the next week.

Just as top Palestinian thugs promised a new wave of riots, the Israeli government offered a list of additional “gestures” it plans to make to Obama, including relaxed security in the West Bank.

Faith2action, a web-centered organization of American Christians who support Israel, prepared for Netanyahu a gift of almost 10,000 yellow roses to cheer him up after Obama’s cold shower.

Netanyahu refused the gift so as not to embarrass Obama with a show of defiance from the American people.

The Belgian parliament has agreed to vote on a proposed ban on burqa and niqab, Islamic female dresses that fully cover the body and face, respectively. Belgium is a leading proponent of Palestinian rights.

Sarkozy wants a similar measure in France.

Such an attack on human rights is unlikely to withstand a judicial challenge, although it is not easy to see why covering oneself fully is any more protected than public nudity or wearing only G-strings in downtown.

When the US Supreme Court struck down criminal punishment for burning American flags during the Vietnam era, some states relegated the matter to public vigilance: they established a fine of $25 as the only criminal punishment for people who beat those who burned the flag.

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