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A couple of homosexuals petitioned the High Court to allow them to hire a surrogate mother.

Since the rabbis accepted a while ago that a child inherits his surrogate mother’s nationality, we have not the slightest problem with homosexuals of Jewish descent hiring foreign females.

But allowing homosexuals to hire renegade Jewish women for their abominations would produce children who are condemned to bastard status.

Obama wants Netanyahu to freeze construction in East Jerusalem—including its Jewish districts—for four months. In return, Obama will pressure Abbas to restart peace talks with Israel.

The question is, why do we even need the peace talks? A far better choice would be to accelerate the construction and hang up the peace process, which would otherwise strip Israel of vitally important lands.

Despite his inflammatory rhetoric, the Turkish PM remains a moderate leader who is trying to chart his country’s course between the US and EU on one hand and Syria and Iran on the other.

A conclave of significant Islamic theologians assembled in the Turkish town of Mardin renounced Ibn Taymiyya’s medieval fatwa which allowed the killing of non-Muslim civilians during holy wars. The theologians went so far as to renounce the Dar al Kharb doctrine, which treated non-Muslim lands as the kingdom of evil.

Their proclamation is welcome, but it will not have the slightest effect on Muslim terrorists.

According to Haaretz, Peres explains the international outcry over Israeli construction in Jerusalem as a reaction to Sheikh Jarrah and similar projects.

And he is correct. Even Arabs used to keep quiet about Israeli construction in predominantly Jewish districts of Jerusalem. But Israeli construction on Sheikh Jarrah provoked an outcry, and now foreign leaders oppose all the construction because they do not know whether a particular project is in a Jewish or Arab neighborhood.

The Sheikh Jarrah project is silly: a few apartment buildings won’t change the demography there and anchor the place for Israel. Netanyahu supported the construction only because it belongs to a high-profile investor.

Jordan’s first reactor would be only 5MW. Jordan’s original intention was to procure a nuclear reactor for power generation, but this is a research reactor. Jordanian Palestinians and Bedouins are incapable of conducting any research, thus the reactor can only be used to train Arab nuclear engineers.

Such training is only necessary if Jordan intends to master the full nuclear cycle.

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