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A Pakistani court, now under an allegedly democratic government, continued the restrictions on A.Q.Khan, the father of the Pakistani, North Korean, and Libyan nuclear programs, and who knows what others.

Under the court order, A.Q.Khan is not to speak to press, particularly on the subject of nuclear weapons. The ban is ridiculous: A.Q.Khan is not going to divulge nuclear technologies to journalists; he earned hundreds of millions dollars by selling them and wants secrecy.

The ban is meant to prevent A.Q.Khan from speaking about his past sales of nuclear technologies, as that would implicate the Pakistani military establishment in the proliferation. The fact that A.Q.Khan remains alive despite knowing too much indicates his power in the Pakistani military.

Two female suicide bombers, apparently dispatched by Chechens, blew themselves up in the Moscow underground, killing at least 35 people and wounding dozens.

The bombing operation was not well-coordinated, as the second bomber detonated herself 45 minutes after the first one. Had the Russian police boosted security measures at other train stations immediately, the second bomber could well have been caught.

The Moscow bombing comes on the heels of the November railroad bombing, which took 26 lives. At the time, Russian officials downplayed the terrorist threat.

During the economic crisis, Russia cannot afford a major war in Chechnya, but neither can Putin afford to abandon his image as a tough fellow. It will be interesting to see if Russia can stop Chechen terrorism and Chechnya’s national liberation movement by its common barbaric measures.

Muslim terrorism is unlikely to set Russia’s ruling establishment at odds with Arab countries. Rather, security cooperation between Russia and Muslim regimes will increase.

Baruch Marzel and Rabbi Dov Wolpe succeeded in placing banners on hundreds of Egged buses in Jerusalem with outright incitement.

The ‘criminal’ text reads, “May the Third Temple be rebuilt speedily and in our days,” something which every religious Jew prays for. Naturally, the accompanying picture shows no Al Aqsa on the Temple Mount.

We concur but point to the talmudic prohibition of relying on miracles, such as Messiah building the Temple. Instead, we must build it ourselves.

During the Arab League summit, the emir of Qatar, a tiny fiefdom with a lot of oil and gasóand consequently, a lot of US supportólambasted his† fellow chieftains for speaking endlessly about the Palestinians. The emir asked whether the Arabs are not capable of lifting Israel’s siege of Gaza by other means.

Leave alone the emir’s geographic cretinism: he does not realize that Gaza borders Egypt, and instead of fighting Israel the Arabs only need to pressure Egypt to open the border.

Here, a significant US ally is calling for Arab armies to invade Israel. No reaction came from the State Department, which is so quick to condemn Israel over every imagined transgression.

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