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The Israeli army has closed the Palestinian-occupied territories until Tuesday so that Jews can celebrate Pesach without terrorist attacks.

According to Army Radio, Hamas leaders will have to hide in bunkers for some time unless Jewish communities on the Gaza border are allowed to enjoy safe holidays.

What an abomination. Pesach celebrates the transformation of Jews from fearful slaves into free people who dwell safely and proudly. We cannot celebrate Pesach and return the next morning to a situation in which Arabs stone, firebomb, and shell us.

The Book of Exodus provides unmistakable guidance for dealing with our enemies.

Netanyahu lashed out against members of his government who criticized Obama’s administration publicly over its treatment of Israel.

Obama has no problem with his own officials addressing Israel in almost profane terms.

After blaming Israel for all sins, Obama will host a Pesach dinner in the White House. Previous presidents had the good sense to let Jews run their own rituals. Clinton and Bush issued boilerplate congratulations, but otherwise remained uninvolved.

Hussein, a Christian, is so delusional that he believes his acolytes of Jewish descent who say that his demands on Israel are actually good for Jews.

It is odd for Jews to celebrate Pesach in the Exile instead of moving to the Promised Land, but it takes a special Jewish madness to sit at Pesach with a man who pushes us to abandon Jerusalem.

Arabs terrorist groups are still arguing over who should take the credit for killing two Israeli soldiers on Friday.

Hamas appears to be in an intolerable situation. For two years, the terrorist group has avoided confrontation with Israel and tried to maintain overall calm on the border, with limited success. Hamas cannot condemn its own military wing, however, which bragged (falsely, it seems) about the killings. A palliative solution was found; the fight was approved on the narrow grounds that it took place in Gaza after IDF breached the border.

It remains unclear why the army sent tanks against the Islamic Jihad cell which was planting bombs along the border, instead of attacking them from the air.

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