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Abbas has requested additional funding from the Arab League in the range of “millions of dollars” for Palestinians in East Jerusalem.

While our ally the US lashes out against us for minuscule construction in northeastern Jerusalem because, allegedly, it prejudges the outcome of  the peace talks, everyone accepts the Palestinians’ right to do the same.

The Jewish problem is their legalism. Arabs are building thousands of housing units annually in Jerusalem—quietly and illegally. Jews make a fuss over every housing project, however small, by going through the horrendous process of approval.

Unable to agree with Putin on the real problem—Iran—Obama pushed through a pale version of his pre-election promise to cut down nuclear arsenals.

The United States and Russia will decrease their nuclear-armed ballistic missiles by about 30%. Great? Irrelevant. Many of these missiles are already obsolete and would naturally become inoperable during the seven years the treaty allows for the reduction. The remaining missiles, about 1,500 for each side, are more than enough to penetrate each country’s defenses and destroy them both many times over, if need be.

The treaty will have no substantial effect on other nuclear weapons.

The PM’s spokesman announced that though Israeli policy on Jerusalem remains unchanged, the government is prepared to make some “gestures to restart the peace process.” Don’t ask why Palestinians make no such gestures, even though they should be more eager to get a state than Israel is to grant it.

The “gestures” surely refer to a de facto construction freeze in Arab-populated areas of Jerusalem.

As we expected, Netanyahu indicated his complete agreement with Obama on Iran’s nuclear program. Now that Obama has agreed to a nuclear reduction treaty with Russia, he may be preparing to attack Iran’s nuclear installations. The US Army Chief of Staff’s recent complaints about the problems Israel creates for America in the Middle East might also be related to Iran.

Turkish PM Erdogan, as usual, blasted Israeli control over Muslim “holy” sites in Jerusalem as unacceptable.

And he is right. Muslims are normal and do not accept other people controlling their sanctums. Jews, on other hand, avoid framing the problem in absolutist religious terms, and so we automatically appear to be prepared to compromise on Hebron, Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria.

Jordan’s princeling publicly put to Israel the question of whether she wants conflict or peace.

In fact, our goal is neither. We want our land. If it comes with peace, fine; if it requires conflict, recent history proves that the Arabs have more to fear.

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