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The US president demanded that Netanyahu reply by Saturday to her defeated enemies’ demand that she stop construction in East-North Jerusalem.

Abbas and the Arab League require this freeze as a precondition for continuing the peace talks, despite having lost all the wars they ever fought with Israel.

The construction freeze clearly shows the areas of Jerusalem which Israel has agreed to give away to the Arabs. Not that the map is a big secret, anyway.

Obama could only have been able to extract such humiliating concessions from Netanyahu in return for promises on Iran.

In line with Goldstone recommendations, the Muslim-dominated UN Human Rights Commission has adopted a resolution to establish an escrow fund, into which Israel would have to deposit money for to reimburse Gazans for war damages.

The arrogance of Muslims who slaughter each other by the millions but demand compensation from Israel is not an issue. The PLO pushed for the resolution despite the fact that both Fatah and Hamas are technically liable by the standards of the Goldstone report for similar reimbursement to Israelis and Arabs. The PLO is thus certain that the UNHRC won’t hold it to the same standards as Israel.

After receiving arbitrarily defined damages from Israel, Gazans would be hard pressed to find any reason to stop the rocket attacks, which have increased in recent weeks.

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