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Bibi’s US trip was marred by yet another embarrassment: Jerusalem municipality approved the construction of 20 apartments for Jews in Sheikh Jarrah.

Why is this an embarrassment, though? Netanyahu has declared on a number of occasions that Israel won’t stop construction in Jerusalem. The White House’s hysterical reaction to the Sheikh Jarrah announcement only makes sense if they know Netanyahu’s rhetoric to be false and expect from him a de facto construction freeze in Jerusalem.

According to a White House spokesman, Jewish construction in Jerusalem is “destructive to the peace process.” True, but so is Jewish presence in Israel.

The Public Security Minister, usually a right-wing and sensible person, announced that the “national priority” for police will now be fighting crime in Arab neighborhoods. Crime there is indeed rampant, but why should law-abiding Jewish taxpayers bear the heavy financial burden of law enforcement among Arabs? If they want to kill and rob each other, so be it.

The ministry’s plan is hopeless: police enter many Arab neighborhoods in armed vehicles only, and police officers are often met with rocks and firebombs when they come to arrest a village’s gangsters. Taking illegal firearms from Arabs will further antagonize loyal Druze.

The Supreme Court has rejected an appeal by Arab inmate who demanded leavened bread during Pesach.

The same court allowed the sale of leavened bread in Jerusalem during Pesach.

After five years of prosecution, the court acquitted a Jew from Halamish village who fired into the air when three unarmed Arabs were uprooting olive trees on his land.

It testifies to Jewish madness that the Jew was indicted rather than commended, for how else could he have warned the Arabs? Police took away his weapon, leaving the family unarmed.

The court’s decision raises a bigger question: firing in the air only makes sense if it is credible and the next step is shooting the robbers. Would the court accept a Jew’s right to shoot non-violent Arab robbers?

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