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As a token reaction to Mossad’s purported forgery of British passports, the UK expelled an Israeli Embassy official—presumably, Mossad’s representative.

The expulsion is judicially unwarranted: there was no trial and the Brits were unable to assemble any evidence confirming Israeli involvement. The expulsion therefore effectively names Mossad’s chief as a criminal responsible for passport forgery and subject to arrest.

Let’s see if Israel would have the guts to expel a British Embassy official in retaliation, which is standard diplomatic procedure for self-respecting states.

According to the AP, two cartoonists in Spain have been put on trial for “praising terrorism.”

We’re all for suppressing Muslim freedom of expression, especially on military matters, but what about praising Jewish terrorists: Shlomo ben Yosef, Avraham Stern, Yitzhak Shamir, and Menahem Begin, to name a few?

During the ongoing trial of Olmert’s assistant Shula Zaken on eavesdropping charges, her defense proved convincingly that she did not order the eavesdropping; all secretaries routinely eavesdropped on Olmert’s phone conversations on their own.

The Obama-Netanyahu meeting in the White House is closed to press, the second such meeting between. The meeting has implicitly been downgraded to less-than-official.

Obama will press Netanyahu to stop construction in Jerusalem, which is Abbas’ condition for restarting the futile peace talks. No one presses Abbas to restart them despite the Jerusalem situation.

Years ago, after meeting with Obama (who was then a lowly senator), Netanyahu famously predicted that he—Obama—would one day become president. Now Bibi has to deal with the consequences.

Military prosecutors are investigating the actions of IDF soldiers who shot two Arab attackers near Itamar village. The prosecution believes the soldiers could have used rubber bullets to stop the attackers.

But why? The Arabs acted like soldiers at war and were duly killed.

The next time, these soldiers will think a hundred times before shooting—and by the time they do so, it might well be too late. Defeatist policies place teenage soldiers in unbearable legal conundrums.

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