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A man and his grandson were riding bicycles on Ayalon Highway near Bat Yam when a truck hit them.

An additional 4,000 policemen have been deployed in Jerusalem to make sure that the Arabs don’t riot on Pesach because we Jews included the Cave of the Patriarchs on our Heritage list.

What could be a greater hillul Hashem than Muslims rioting in our holy city?

The additional deployment cost taxpayers about a million dollars per day. Expelling all the Arabs would be much cheaper.

A Kassam rocket launched by Palestinians exploded in the Israeli desert.

IAF hit one Gaza tunnel out of approximately 500. The strike took place at night, so as to avoid enemy casualties.

In Israel, as in Gaza, the ruling elites keep their voters satisfied by making a show of action.

Under the pressure from student bodies, the Finance Ministry agreed to refund students 100 million shekels of the tuition they have paid over the past two years.

Education in Israel is cheaper than in most of the civilized world, but students press continually for extra subsidies. It is not clear why society has to subsidize such a profitable endeavor as education. Students ought to take loans and pay the real cost of education.

A simple way for government to reduce the cost of education would be to abandon the many totally useless courses that exist, from dietology to social work to political science.

In her upcoming speech at AIPAC, which has already been leaked to the press, Clinton will reiterate the need for both Israelis and Palestinians to make “painful concessions.” We know what concessions will be demanded of us: the Temple Mount, the Cave of the Patriarchs, Rachel’s Tomb, Jerusalem, and the settlements.

But exactly what concessions will the Palestinians make? Since the late 1970s, the PLO has not given up on a single demand.

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