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Israeli troops are deployed near the Jewish village of Itamar to ensure that settlers do not bother the Palestinian farmers who work the disputed land. It surprises no one that the IDF is being deployed against Jews on behalf of their sworn enemies.

The army allowed the Palestinians to come dangerously close to the Jewish village.

Two Arabs, one with a pitchfork and another with a broken bottle, seized the opportunity to kill Jews. The soldiers saw them and shot them.

The Israeli government has given in to the UN’s demands and agreed to rebuild 150 apartments for Hamas voters in Khan Yunis, a town in Gaza that was destroyed during the 2009 war.

We provide them with free medical assistance, free water, almost free electricity, sporadically-paid-for-fuel, and absolve them of responsibility for their government’s actions.

Under the pressure from religious parties, the government has approved a new location for Ashkelon Barzilai Hospital’s fortified emergency room. The previous location was abandoned because some human bones were found there, which led the rabbis to declare the place a Jewish graveyard—though no evidence exists that the bones are the bones of Jews.

The Supreme Court ordered a Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem to be moved, but rabbis in the coalition are too powerful to succumb to a similar ruling. A new ER will cost 100 million shekels more than previously planned.

A visiting UN chieftain remained unconcerned that the Jewish state needs fortified emergency rooms on Gaza’s periphery.

A common Arab criminal petitioned the Israeli Supreme Court to force the Prisons Authority to provide him with leavened bread during Pesach.

The Arab is serving his sentence among Jewish criminals, who object to having bread in their building during Pesach.

We Jews have failed to expel the Muslims, and now we have to deal with their human right to desecrate our religion.

The Shvakim Panorama poll gave 12% of the Knesset seats to the party of Yair Lapid, a popular news anchor with no other qualifications. His father led the vehemently anti-religious Change party, which rose twice to become the third-largest faction in the Knesset—only to collapse in the next elections. Now Israelis are bracing for the third round of this comedy, as Yair Lapid’s party may yet again reach third place.

It took Lieberman’s Israel Beitenu ten years to achieve similar results.

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