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On a visit to Israel Ban Ki-Moon lacked the basic human decency to avoid offending his hosts. He called all Israeli construction on the ‘occupied land’ illegal.

Even in a minimalist reading, abandoning that construction would mean evicting 650,000 Jews from the areas settled after we repelled the Arab invasion in 1967.

All Israeli lands beyond the 1947 UN border are technically ‘occupied.’  Ban’s reading of history would leave Israel without the Western Wall and a third of the Jewish population living in the territories, which were occupied during the Independence War.

We fail to grasp why Ban remains unconcerned about the US occupation of Texas, New Mexico, and California. Nor did he tell the Russians anything about their occupation of Konigsberg or the Kuril Islands during his visit to Moscow.

Arabs rioted in Shuafat near Jerusalem. For all their rock-throwing, no one was hurt.

Arabs rioted in Burin, over something to do with a water-well dispute with local Jews. Just one Arab was killed with rubber bullet, and a second one may succumb to his wounds.

IAF struck six shacks in Gaza. As usual, the Jewish pilots were remarkably precise: only empty buildings were hit in densely populated areas, so that no Arabs would be killed.

Netanyahu is much like his foreign colleagues: just as they show massive hypocrisy toward Israel, he shows the same hypocrisy toward his own country.

Netanyahu expressed his willingness to make “further concessions,” but not in Jerusalem. But what is the difference between Ramat Shlomo in Jerusalem and any settlement in the blocs? Why must residents of the settlements suffer from overcrowding, unable to enlarge their legally built homes or build new homes nearby for their children?

We can only dream of having an Israeli leader who would say flatly that we don’t need a peace treaty with the Palestinians, that we are not willing to make any concessions for that piece of paper, and that if the Arabs want it, we’re ready to study their concessions.

The Ministry of Minorities has submitted a plan which earmarks $200 million for developing the Arab sector. A multi-year plan amounts to peanuts. Its funds will be stolen by well-connected Arabs, as happened before.

Still, it is a bit odd for Jews to subsidize people who openly side with our enemies.

According to Yedioth Aharonoth, 738,000 tons of humanitarian aid entered Gaza in 2009—about half a ton per person, including babies. Smuggling through 400 tunnels and commercial imports must have dwarfed even that amount.

More than 10,000 Gazans entered Israel for medical treatment. Most of them, we may add, enjoyed free medical assistance implicitly paid for by Jewish patients.

Gaza remains the world’s largest recipient of foreign aid at approximately $1,100 per head annually.

Israeli Yesh supermarkets have started selling Chinese corn and peas. The imported produce costs much less than the cheapest Israeli produce.

In every country, agriculture is an economically inefficient occupation, and Israel is no exception. Farms receive free land and almost free water, yet they cannot compete with foreign producers with access to low-cost Chinese or Palestinian labor.

Instead of raising import duties to the detriment of consumers, as the Israeli agricultural lobby demands, the state should reduce its massive donations to farmers.

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