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Brilliant as usual, Shimon Peres managed to elicit a positive response from EU Foreign Policy chief Catherine Ashton, the ranking pro-PLO official in Europe.

Peres defended the Ramat Shlomo construction because the district is “basically Jewish,” and non-negotiable.

General Petraeus, the commander who won all the battles but lost the war in Iraq, claimed in Congress that Israel hurts American interests in the Middle East by maintaining its conflict with the Arabs.

What nonsense. The Israeli-Arab conflict is the best thing America has in the Middle East. Arabs need the US only because it controls their nemesis, Israel. By arbitrating the Israeli-Arab conflict, America maintains its role in the Middle East. By pushing Israel to make concessions America can extract concessions from the Arabs for itself.

And of course America’s seven-year-long war in Iraq does not hurt its relations with the Arabs.

ACRI and other ultra-left organizations lambasted the army for imposing curfews on the open areas near Niilin and Bilin villages where the leftists used to stage weekly riots and hurl stones and firebombs at soldiers.

During a visit to Hebron by loyal Arab MKs, A-Sanaa announced that the Tomb of the Patriarchs, which was recently included on the Jewish Heritage list, belongs to Palestine.

The country that occupies the Kuril Islands, the country that invaded Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq, an international organization that turns a blind eye to horrendous violations of human rights by Muslim regimes, and a European organization whose members fought the bloodiest war in history just six decades ago condemned Israel’s plan to build 1,600 apartments in her capital.

The only conceivable reason to ban construction in Ramat Shlomo is that it will be given away to a Palestinian state. If Ramat Shlomo is given away, the same thing will happen to other areas the Jews built up in Jerusalem. The total number of Jewish evictees in Jerusalem will thus reach 260,000.

The Quartet would make the Nazis proud.

Hundreds leftists and Arabs demonstrated in Sheikh Jarrah against the Jews who legally bought houses there.

Police banned (‘postponed’) a march by right-wingers in Silwan neighborhood of Jerusalem.

After the army closed off the common riot zones, the leftists made a point of staging especially violent demonstrations there today. Still, the army arrested just three out of 300 rioting Arabs.

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