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Only 31 Arabs are arrested out of the hundreds of rioters who hurled rocks at police in East Jerusalem.

Most of the Arabs wore masks, which will make it difficult to identify them in court.

A crowd of criminals who defy law-enforcement officers and purposely evade identification is an enemy formation, but the police shrunk from shooting at the crowd, possibly out of fear of prosecution. Arabs know that rioters usually go unpunished, so they engage in riots as national sport.

The riots are instigated by the Islamic Movement, an official organization which the Israeli government refuses to ban despite decades of incitement.

Those who think that the Arabs would be satisfied with East Jerusalem might learn from the fact that the current round of riots was caused by the renovation of the famous Hurva synagogue in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem.

The Tourism Minister and Jerusalem’s mayor have outlined a series of initiatives designed to boost the number of Christian tourists to Israel. The move is religiously controversial and politically doubtful. The government’s idea is that the tourists will fall in love with Israel and support it upon returning home.

The plan is nonsense. Millions of tourists come to China annually, but none of them supports the communist regime. Apartheid South Africa was a major tourist destination, but suffered condemnation and sanctions. If anything, the tourists would support internationalizing Jerusalem.

It takes a psychiatrist to understand the Jewish longing to be loved by others.

In the Maagar Mochot poll, a whopping 61% of Israeli youngsters answered that Arabs should have equal political rights with Jews. Even among religious Jews, 18% went against halacha in welcoming Arabs into the Knesset.

Overall, about half of Israeli youth remain sane and reject the Arabs’ right to vote the Jewish state out of existence.

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