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Palestinians tried to set a civilian  Israeli bus on fire with Molotov cocktails near Schem. One Jewish woman was wounded “lightly,” as the media were quick to point out.

While the EU is busy condemning Israel for imagined war crimes, every day Palestinians try to set Jewish cars and buses on fire.

The Israeli army has arrested Maher Ouda, founder of Hamas’ Izz ad Din Kassam Brigades in Ramallah. For 20 years IDF did not arrest Ouda despite the fact that he was a wanted terrorist. But now, at a time when he has not been very active, the army acts. The Israeli government is collecting pawns for the Shalit exchange. That strategy failed when Israel imprisoned dozens of Hamas politicians, and is unlikely to succeed with its guerrillas.

Ouda lived in the Palestinian capital, which is allegedly controlled by Abbas’ US-trained police.

A small crowd of Israeli atheists protested on a Highway 65 near Wadi Ara. The Jews were dissatisfied with the government’s plan to enlarge the planned township for ultra-Orthodox Jews from 50,000 to 150,000.

The government demonstrates its contempt for religious Jews by settling them in inhospitable areas, and atheist Jews demonstrate theirs by protesting the neighborhoods of haredim but not those of Arabs.

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