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Leading rabbis, including R.Elyashiv, signed a letter defending yeshiva dropout Elior Chen, who has been indicted for horrendous child abuse and is calling on the religious community to support him.

The rabbis are not monsters. Rather, they deeply mistrust the secular legal system—for good reason—and are not willing to give up one of their own for prosecution by atheists.

A possible solution to the problem of the religious community protecting its scoundrels from secular prosecution would be to allow rabbinical leaders criminal jurisdiction over their members.

In another slap in Biden’s face, IAF bombed Gaza tunnels the day after he left our country.

IAF bombing raids are ludicrous: there is no conceivable reason to bomb two tunnels out of 400. More importantly, IAF bombs them in such a way as to minimize Palestinian casualties. Since IAF refrains from bombing the Egyptian end of the tunnels, smugglers run there when they are attacked and survive.

Egypt employs the more fearsome tactic of flooding the tunnels and killing the smugglers, which frightens them greatly and drives many people out of that business.

Now that Biden has left, the Israeli government has blocked the West Bank for a day, so that local Arabs won’t be able to join their Israeli brethren for Friday riots on the Temple Mount.

The West Bank, to all purposes, is under sovereign rule by the PA regime, which rejects even the talk of peace with Jews. Why allow any migration from there to Israel at all? As Rabin said, close the border and let them kill each other like spiders in a can. Let them enjoy independence.

Israeli media are full of fake tears over Arik Ofir, the boy who died in a traffic accident in Ofakim. What made Ofir special was the fact that local rabbis refused to bury him in the Jewish cemetery. Leftists accused the rabbis of being insensitive, etc.

This, however, is a Jewish country. If not life, then at least death here is governed by Jewish law. The boy had no religious affiliation in his ID papers. He was born abroad and adopted in Israel. The rabbis reasonably doubted his Jewishness.

The Jerusalem Post reports that the government plans to arrest Jews who engage in prohibited construction in Judea and Samaria.

That would be another witch-hunt, much like Ariel Sharon’s criminalization of dissent over the disengagement from Gush Katif. The construction moratorium is merely a government decision—an illegal one at that—and not a law. Its violation cannot be a crime.

If Jews are indicted merely for violating building codes, why do hundreds of thousands of Israeli Arabs who do likewise remain at large?

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