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The Russian FM condemned Jewish construction in Ramat Shlomo, Jerusalem, as “unacceptable.”  That is,Russia may claim prime real estate in Jerusalem thousands of miles from its borders, but Jews may not build here. Russia may annex the Kuril Islands and expel all Japanese citizens with 50 lbs of possessions per person, but Israel may not annex her own capital.

Biden, who demanded a contiguous Palestinian state yesterday, called Israel America’s best friend today.

As expected, Netanyahu disavowed yesterday’s announcement by his Interior Minister. The PMO office said the plan to build 1,600 housing units for Israelis in Ramat Shlomo, Jerusalem will take several years to develop—that is, never.

Biden was met with a standing ovation in Tel Aviv University hall when he said that at Hussein Obama’s request he “immediately condemned” Jewish construction in Ramat Shlomo, Jerusalem.

The Fatah chief took the first opportunity to back out of even indirect negotiations with Israel, as Hamas and other terrorist groups have demanded.

Abbas explained his refusal by citing the alleged Israeli plans to build in Ramat Shlomo.

Of course, the terrorists have a right to refuse the negotiations, which are futile, anyway. But why does the Israeli government continue tax transfers to support his regime?

Military prosecution had confirmed the Goldstone allegations by indicting two IDF sergeants.

The sergeants, who naturally wanted to live, forced Palestinian teenagers to open boxes that had possibly been booby-trapped by their elected Hamas government during the 2009 war in Gaza.

There is not the slightest doubt that the soldiers did the right thing according to Jewish religious law.

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