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The Knesset is unlikely to approve Lieberman’s amendments to the conversion law.

Religious parties oppose a provision of the bill which authorizes any three local rabbis to form a band and start authorizing conversions. Such an arrangement would encourage prospective converts to shop for the most lenient rabbis—who would be in no short supply.

The bill, sensibly enough, closes the conversion loophole to illegal immigrants, who would of course convert for economic reasons. That provision will be opposed by leftists, who love the illegals.

In any case, very few people want to convert. Since the state is not practically Jewish, they are comfortable with their current religious status.

The European Parliament has endorsed the Goldstone report and demanded that Israel implement its findings.

Having cleansed their continent of Jews, the Europeans are now helping the Middle East to follow suit. This is not a joke. Jews thought that the world would satisfy itself by massacring Jews in Europe. No, the solution they mean for us is really final.

The parliament was sharply divided between right and left. Practically all the conservatives opposed the resolution. Regrettably, the Israeli government cannot bring itself to establish special relations with European ultra-right groups, preferring to rely instead on the traditional leftist partners who have now embraced the Palestinian side.

During a press conference in Ramallah, Biden reiterated American support for a “viable, contiguous Palestinian state.”  That means that the Jewish state will be cut in half by the West Bank/Gaza corridor and left without its capital and its holiest places.

As usual, Biden called on Israel to take “bold steps” toward peace—that is, offer still more staggering concessions to our sworn enemies.

Like everyone else in the world, Biden condemned Israeli construction plans in Ramat Shlomo, Jerusalem. Unveiling the plan on the date of Biden’s visit to Israel could hardly be a coincidence as the government claims, but is more likely a well-deserved slap in his face.

The anti-Israeli UN body has confirmed that by far most illegal African immigrants in Israel are males. That means that they left their large families behind. If allowed to settle in Israel, they will bring their relatives through family reunion schemes. Each immigrant can easily claim a dozen close relatives, each of whom will in turn claim many more. The 40,000 illegal Africans in Israel can explode into millions.

UNHCR also confirmed that the majority of illegals come from Eritrea. The UN people failed to come to the obvious conclusion: the Eritreans are not refugees.

Now that the Sudanese government has signed peace with the Darfur rebels, Sudanese immigrants in Israel have lost any claim to refugee status, and must be deported immediately.

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