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Ehud Barak told the Knesset Defense Committee that a nuclear Iran poses no threat to Israel, and there is no need for the MKs to get agitated over the issue.

Perhaps. But if Iran is not a threat, then Syria won’t attack us, either. Without Syria, Hamas and Hezbollah are powerless. And so the defense minister can retire.

Rabin once famously remarked that one signs peace with enemies rather than friends. His common sense fell on deaf ears.

The eight Palestinian terrorist factions based in Syria rejected Abbas’ peace talks with Israel. Fatah’s Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, financed with Israeli tax transfers, refrained from public opposition, but is not to be expected to lay down its weapons.

By talking to Abbas, Israel negotiates with the only Palestinian group which does not threaten us, and ignores all the groups that actually fight us.

Last Saturday, Sheikh Jarrah protests brought together 3,000 demonstrators, a very large number. Many of them carried the PLO flags that symbolically picture a rifle on the background of Israel.

A rally of such magnitude would require about 100 buses and cost close to half a million shekels.

The Lemba tribe in South Africa has received an official certification of their Jewishness: not only are their priests genetically related to cohanim, Jewish priests, but the tribe is of Semitic origin. Soon, the Jewish Agency will figure out that it can justify its pitiful existence by bringing another 70,000 Africans to Israel.

The reasoning is nonsensical. If the Africans were remotely related to Jews three thousand years ago, what’s the deal now? They are pagan, Christian, and Muslim—not Jewish. That they put the Star of David on their tombstones only proves that they are fakes: Jews did not start commonly using the star until the nineteenth century.

In Spain and some regions of Ukraine, a quarter of the population have Jewish ancestry. Does that make them Jewish?

A proper study of Lemba’s Jewishness would involve ethnography rather than genetics. One must carefully learn about their old practices rather than quasi-Jewish beliefs implanted in them by Christian missionaries. If, besides being of remote Jewish origin, they have maintained significant Jewish practices throughout their history, then they must be welcomed in Israel. Otherwise, let them stay among the Christianized blacks in Africa.

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