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A week after Iran offered us the best opportunity for an attack, Israel did not carry it out. Time is running out quickly as Iran has enriched its 4% uranium to 20%, thus greatly reducing the size of its stocks. Smaller stocks will be easier to hide.

After three months of enrichment, no Israeli attack will be able to eliminate Iran’s nuclear stocks.

Every sane person understands that sanctions are futile. Not only they are torpedoed by Russia and China, but even the strongest sanctions won’t break Iran’s back within the few months the ayatollahs need to finish their bomb.

Iran’s Russian S-300 SAM do not change the situation. In the current political climate, the Russians won’t man the batteries with their own personnel, and it would take Iranians months to learn to operate them reliably, if they ever do. Most importantly, the S-300 is too small to defend against a missile strike. Two S-300 will take out some 40 missiles, but Israel can launch about a thousand Tomahawk-type missiles.

Those who believe that sanctions might force Khamenei to change his mind on nuclear issues fail to see the effect of Iran’s massive rearmament program. The Islamic state has just tested yet another new and reasonably advanced cruise missile, a surface-to-sea Nasr-1. Once it has been installed on Iranian Naval vessels, the missile could very well end US-Israeli plans to land commando troops from the Persian Gulf.

Weapons development has cost Iran more than any potential sanctions. Iran does not have any enemies, and the impoverished country has no reason to spend its last rials for missiles unless it intends to put them to profitable use very soon, before they become obsolete.

Iran cannot carry out a war against Saudi Arabia or Egypt, both of which are supported by the United States. But Syria would find Iranian missiles handy against Israel. After losing Egypt as an anti-Israeli ally, Syria replaced it with Iran, and is now ready to restart hostilities.

Obama’s VP Joe Biden came to Israel in a last-ditch effort to prevent Netanyahu from attacking Iran. In Tel Aviv University, Biden will deliver to Jews a pale copy of the speech Obama gave to Muslims in Cairo.

Though many commentators mistake the VP for Israel’s best friend in the otherwise hostile Obama administration, Biden has supported Iran on many occasions, and has defended Iran’s right to a nuclear bomb.

Obama first demanded that Israel accept peace talks with our Palestinian enemies as a condition of American support against Iran. Now, with Russia and China opposing any meaningful sanctions, US support remains illusory, but Israel is still forced to uphold the construction moratorium.

At the request of the Dubai police, Interpol added another 16 members of the Mabhouh hit team to its red alert list. Interpol normally ignores the killing of criminals, let alone terrorists, by intelligence services. Issuing arrest warrants for all the accomplices is equally unusual.

But Interpol is playing a foul game: they cannot be arrested. No doubt, the passport photos were digitally altered a bit. Border guards wouldn’t have noticed the difference, but positive identification has become impossible.

The purpose of the Dubai/Interpol operation is to create a headache for Mossad. With close to 50 members of its Spear unit compromised, the intelligence service will have a hard time conducting similar operations for a year or two.

Police closed large sections of Highway 1 for two hours so that the American visitor could enjoy a traffic-free ride from the airport.

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