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The former IAEA chief apparently made so much money shielding the Iranian nuclear program from Western sanctions that he can afford to participate in Egyp’s 2011 presidential elections.

Baradei is running on the same democratic reform/fight corruption platform as the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the only major Egyptian political group to publish his proclamations. Just as the Islamist revolution in Iran did thirty years ago, the anti-corruption platform in Egypt has brought together moderates, students, and Islamists. Once the Islamists triumph, even the limited democracy of the Mubarak era will come to an end.

Western diplomats have a fatal habit of supporting the foreigners they know rather than the proper foreigners. El Baradei, who has been talking to world leaders for many years, may gather more foreign support than Hosni Mubarak’s son Gamal, or any other strong leader.

Once Baradei clears the road to democracy, the Muslim Brotherhood will surge to power in the first transparent elections. The Bush and Obama administrations have pushed Egypt for such elections.

In an effort to keep pace with their public’s anti-Israeli sentiment, Arab leaders engaged in a typical round of hateful rhetoric.

Abdullah Barghouti, a terrorist serving 67 (!) life terms in an Israeli jail, declared PM Netanyahu guilty of refusing to agree to the prisoner exchange. In the warped Muslim mind, it is not the serial murderer who is guilty, but the prime minister who refuses to submit to terrorist demands. It does not raise eyebrows in Israel that a convicted terrorist freely makes political declarations.

Turkish PM Erdogan claimed that the tomb of foremother Rachel was never Jewish and that Netanyahu destabilized the Middle East by including it on the Jewish Heritage Sites list.

Wakf, an Islamic organization entrusted by mad Israelis with the upkeep of the Temple Mount, defended Friday’s riots, which left 18 policemen wounded. The preacher, mind you, merely asked good Muslims to defend their sites against Israelis.

The UNSC expressed its concerns over the Temple Mount clashes. For some reason, the UN remains unconcerned with dozens of other conflicts throughout the world, which claim millions of lives.

Abbas, who depends on IDF for protection against Hamas and on the Israeli treasury for his salary, joined the chorus of Jew-bashing.

Syria, which used to kill 20,000 Muslim Brotherhood members in a day, and 8,000 Palestinians on the next day, has suddenly embraced pan-Arab views. Its secular Alawite regime lambasted Israel for desecrating sacred Islamic sites—that is, our Temple Mount.

Meanwhile, Jews remained quiet and abstained from name-calling and accusing the other side. So in the world’s eyes the Arabs looked determined and righteously indignant, while the Jews appeared to have been silenced by their guilt.

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