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Israel’s High Court deliberated with police and ultra-leftists regarding the suitable time and arrangements for the leftists’ anti-Jewish demonstration in Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem.

The court refused to allow the police to ban the event despite the fact that demonstrators have attacked police on previous occasions.

The Israeli Supreme Court acts as the administrative High Court, a function which requires it to hear routine petitions against government agencies and micromanage the state’s affairs.

Israeli media are beating their chests over the refusal of the Azad cafe in Haifa to serve uniformed soldiers. The place’s Arab owner says whimsically that the ban applies to soldiers of any ethnic background, and thus is not racist. He is a smart fellow. Many Jewish employers likewise refuse jobs to people who have not served in the IDF—that is, to Arabs.

Of course Israeli Arabs hate the sight of Jewish soldiers, who oppress their brethren. The question is, why do Jews insist on integration with people who hate them?

Hillary Clinton asked the Congress to drop legislation that declares the mass murder of Armenians by Turks to be genocide.

Historically, the issue is not clear. In numerous cases, the Turkish government attempted to protect the deported Armenians. Whatever the case, by now everyone believes the story, and the American government’s persistent refusal to recognize the affair as genocide is only meant to placate Turkey. To that end, the US forced Armenia to sign a humiliating accord with Turkey which glossed over the genocide.

The American appeasement of Turkey is worse than pointless. Many years ago, the silence signaled American support for Turkey’s secular regime, but today it shows American complacence toward Turkey’s Islamist policies. If the US keeps quiet on genocide, then certainly it will tolerate anything else Turkey does today.

The court has prolonged the solitary confinement of Yigal Amir for another six months. Yigal has spent thus much of his 14 years in jail. The only reason given for Yigal’s solitary confinement is that he negatively influences his cell mates—that is, converts them to right-wing views.

In jail, Yigal has never been implicated in violent behavior or any other gross violation of rules, which are the only legal reasons for solitary confinement.

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