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The suicide bombings in Baqouba, Iraq that left 29 people dead are not simply sectarian violence. Rather, the terrorists know they will be defeated in Sunday’s elections and are trying to disrupt them.

Unfortunately, the terrorists can lose the elections but win the battle.

Police finally decided to do something about rampaging crime among African illegals, and with great publicity arrested a whopping four of them for drug dealing.

Israeli radars near GazaIDF has announced major additions to its surveillance network at the Gaza border, including a hundred new radars capable of detecting individual people.

We will not dwell on the fact that Israel spends more on keeping the Gazans at bay than the UNRWA spends on keeping them alive.

Radar is good while the Gaza border is closed. If relations are normalized and tens of thousands of Arabs cross daily into Israel legally rather than through fence openings, there will be no way to intercept or check them properly.

The Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics has published the housing-starts data for Judea and Samaria: just 1,703 new buildings were begun in 2009, compared to 2,107 in 2008.

Of the 2009 construction projects, just 1,130 were private buildings, which adds a mere 1.5% to the housing capacity, well below the natural growth rate.

LivniLivni slammed Netanyahu’s plans to retain the Jordan Valley for Israel in any peace treaty with Palestinian Arabs.

Rabin was killed shortly after he changed his dovish position and told the Knesset that “Israel’s borders lie in the Jordan Valley in the widest sense of that word.”

Druze applesThe International Red Cross started its annual operation exporting apples from Israeli Druze villagers to Syria. The transaction is purely political: it keep the Golan Heights’ Druze connected to Syria and paves the road to their eventual unification when Israel cedes the heights in a peace treaty.

In order to deal with Israeli Druze, the Red Cross has to identify them as an occupied population.

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