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Unable to reach Mossad, Dubai police decided to bar from the country anyone who looks or speaks like an Israeli, regardless of his passport. They probably imagine Jews like Borat, so we’ll see how well this decision ends up being implemented.

The important thing is that neither the UN nor any country objected to Dubai’s decision to bar Israelis—and anyone who looks like an Israeli. May Israel proceed now to bar all Arabs, lest we have another Mabhouh here?

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Jamal Zahalka attends Israeli Apartheid WeekLoyal Israeli Arabs Zahalka and Baradei accepted an invitation to join Israel-bashing events at US and Canadian universities.

If only Israel were indeed an apartheid state, but in the allegedly apartheid Israel, our Arab enemies serve in the Knesset.

Zahalka’s and Baradei’s trips to Israeli Apartheid Week events might be financed by the Knesset, like most MK’s trips.

Offshore gas platform near Haifa IsraelNoble Energy, one of the owners of the Haifa gas field, has announced its intention to export the gas extracted from that field.

The Israeli government was sufficiently foolish—or more probably, corrupt—to issue unrestricted concessions to private drilling companies. Free-market policies might be good for large countries with plenty of gas reserves, where many competing companies will assuredly supply national needs for centuries to come; but in Israel, Noble Energy has become a gas monopoly.

This private company will export the gas reserves of the Land of Israel, the field will be emptied in about a decade, and Jews will be left without gas again.

Jews discovered gas fields in Sinai—and gave Sinai away to Egypt; we discovered gas fields near Gaza—and passed the offshore reserves to Arafat; discovered gas fields near Haifa—and conceded them to a foreign company. God gave us good land with sufficient reserves, but we Jews have squandered them.

polygamy in IsraelThe High Court shrunk from a principled decision on the Israeli Citizenship Law amendment.

Renewed every 18 months, the amendment bars the foreign spouses of Israel Arabs from the country; if an Israeli Arab loves his inexpensively purchased Iraqi spouse so much, let him move to Iraq with his other three wives.

Ultra-leftists of Jewish origin routinely challenge the law. The government defends the law on shaky security grounds instead of stating clearly that we do not want more Arabs here.

The court left the amendment standing but ordered the government to review its criteria. Most probably, the court will eventually lift restrictions on spouses purchased in Egypt, the West Bank and Jordan, which are technically not enemy states.

Even the United States, the most open society in the world, does not grant foreign spouses residence rights automatically. At a minimum, they must not become a drain on public resources. Israeli Arabs who do not pay taxes won’t be able to meet that standard.

Jewish heritage sitesNasrallah has condemned foreign Arabs for remaining silent while the Palestinians fight for Jewish heritage sites. This is not exactly true; the Arab media are in an uproar.

Muslims consider the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron to be their holy site. Until 1967, Jews were banned from the building, and could only ascend the first seven steps toward it. In 1967, Moshe Dayan gave the keys back to the Arabs.

There is no room for compromise for the Jews either: Orthodox Jews believe in the site’s sanctity, and secular nationalists object to being humiliated by Arabs.

In matters of national pride, there is no room for holy sites to be treated like condominiums.

Silwan archeological park IsraelAt the PM’s request, Jerusalem’s mayor postponed the court-ordered demolition of illegal Arab homes in Silwan, an archeologically important area of Jerusalem.

African illegal migrants in IsraelThe UN’s Human Rights czar criticized Egypt for the killing of some five dozen Africans who tried to cross into Israel illegally over the last two years.

About one thousand times more Africans have succeeded in infiltrating Israel.

And what is an alternative to killing them? If, at great expense, Israeli Border Police were to intercept and deport them, the Africans would cross again the next day. Jailing them is not option: Israeli prisons are better than Eritrean hotels.

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