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Iran surprised everyone by moving its entire stock of low-enriched uranium from underground to a 20% enrichment facility. Unless, that is, Iran fooled IAEA inspectors with half-empty containers.

It is possible that Iran’s brazen defiance is rooted in its certainty that Israel won’t attack even under the best imaginable circumstances. Absent an attack now, Iran would reasonably feel safe in proceeding to enrich its uranium stocks to 80% and weaponize them.

But there is yet another possibility. As we suggested yesterday, Iran and Syria may be planning a preemptive strike on Israel; not a devastating strike, but sufficient to deter Israel from attacking Iran. In that case, Iran would expose its uranium stocks to provoke an Israeli attack against the compound—thickly defended with SAM batteries—and then counterstrike.

British investigators descended on Israel to interview the holders of the British passports whose clones were used by Mabhouh assassination team.

Since neither the liquidation of Mabhouh nor the forgery of  passports is considered illegal in Israel, Britain has no right to conduct criminal investigation here even with the approval of subservient Israeli authorities.

We would like to see the British reaction if Israeli police were to arrive in London to interview the many British citizens who happen to be active Hezbollah members.

Dubai police claim to have recovered the fingerprints of the Mabhouh assassins.

Since Israel has a biometric database and Interpol is already investigating the passports affair, it would be a logical step for Interpol to ask Israel to identify the fingerprints.

It does not trouble Interpol that for decades it did not move a finger to arrest Mabhouh, a wanted criminal.

As the Pakistani army, inspired by Obama, continues its futile struggle with Islamists in the Northwest Frontier Province, the militants have staged suicide bombings at Karak’s police station.

In Israel, suicide attacks waned eventually because the pool of potential bombers is too small, and open to infiltration by security forces. Pakistani and Afghani Islamists possess both safe havens and a limitless pool of recruits.

According to the AP, the US military is paying compensation to farmers at Marjah for the trees lost during the military campaign.

If the war is just and sensible, then the Afghanis must pay the US the cost of fighting it, including cost of the lives lost there. If it’s not a viable war, just get out.

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