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The Israeli government has published an inconspicuous list of Jewish cultural monuments under state protection. Among other curiosities, the list includes the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron and Rachel’s Tomb near Bethlehem, which are under Arab control.

It remains to be seen whether the list is a polite nod to the right-wingers or a first step toward Israel retaking significant areas.

For our purposes, it does not matter whether Rachel is indeed buried at the site. It is enough that the government is acting on purported Jewish values.

In yet another sign of their determination to reverse Ataturk’s efforts at secularization, the government-controlled Turkish police have arrested four dozen of the country’s top military commanders. The Turkish military is atheistic, pro-Israel, and pro-Western, while the current government is the opposite of all these things.

In the past, the Turkish military used to purge the government of leaders who had Islamic leanings with periodic putsches, but its desire to join  the EU and American pressure for democratization have led the army to accede to the current Islamist government. Pushed away by the EU and vying with Iran for influence in Islamic world, Turkey predictably has become more religious.

Once the government succeeds in weakening the Turkish army, the state may well erupt into violence among the numerous religious and ethnic groups. The divide between Turkey’s atheist and religious population is in itself deep enough to cause civil war. It remains to be seen whether Erdogan will succeed in installing his own commanders in the army. So far, all military graduates are staunchly secular.

Acre gangsters opened fire in a restaurant, wounding two bystanders. Their target is alive and well.

After Israeli officials refused to meet a visiting group of J Street representatives, along with a number of pro-Palestinian US senators, the Foreign Ministry issued an apologetic statement to the effect that the deputy FM is always willing to meet with American representatives and Jewish organizations, whatever their leanings.

Falkland Islands shipwreckLatin American diplomats are up in arms: Britain has begun drilling for oil near the Falkland Islands, the fallen empire’s last significant possession overseas. The current cohesion among Latin American states is unlike the situation in 1982, and Britain won’t be able to win another war for the islands.

The Falklands debacle has not imparted to the British government the good sense to stop calling Judea and Samaria ‘occupied’ territories.

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