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The six British passports used by the group that liquidated Mabhouh in Dubai belonged to British immigrants to Israel. Mossad is a natural suspect in the identity theft, but the institution does not normally operate so simplistically. Involving Israeli civilians in Mossad operations is a big no-no.

Either Mossad deliberately made its involvement transparent to scare the terrorists, or—less likely—it was framed, or we see a major operative blunder here.

J Street brought a group of anti-Israeli US senators on a tour of Israel. William Delahunt complained loudly that the Israeli FM refused to meet the group of “elected representatives of Israel’s closest ally.”

Oh yeah, we would love to see Hillary Clinton rush to meet fringe Israeli MKs on a private tour of America.

MK Tzipi Hotovely, a Likud maverick right-winger, has suggested this measure.

The prospects are bright, really. Under pressure from Fatah thugs, very few Palestinians would accept the citizenship, yet enough of them would accept it to make Palestinian jurisdiction problematic.

The move would turn Palestinian towns into Israeli settlements. Instead of settling the land, we give citizenship to those who already live in the West Bank. Russia successfully implemented a similar policy in Osetia.

At night, two tractors broke through the fence of Revava settlement and demolished the foundations of four houses which Jews had dared to build on the Land of Israel despite Netanyahu’s prohibition.

In a sign of moral relativism, Interpol has issued arrest warrants for eleven people who were involved in doing away with Mabhouh in Dubai. The move puts Mossad on the same level as common criminals. States are generally understood to have a right to conduct extrajudicial operations, but Interpol has set a precedent which could even lead to an arrest warrant for Obama, who has authorized Al Qaeda assassinations abroad, especially now that the US has openly confirmed its involvement.

Netanyahu has bad luck with assassinations: his previous term as prime minister was marred by the Mashaal scandal, which cost Israel working relations with Jordanian intelligence and the reciprocal release of Hamas chief Yassin. The Mabhouh affair will freeze rapprochement with Dubai, which went as far as allowing Israeli sportsmen and ministers into the country.

In another odd development, the forged passports used by the assassination team were traced to a number of trips to Asia. Foreign visas are routinely added to forged passports for credibility, but Interpol spotted the passports details on border computers, which means that the agents were actually traveling on those passports. The extent of their travel remains unannounced, and perhaps the Asian traces simply reflect the agents’ travel en route to Dubai.

An Arab was detained at Jalameh Crossing trying to carry two pipe bombs into Israel. Jalameh was opened to Arab traffic last fall to placate the White House.

Beersheba court sentenced an Arab to 25 years in jail for launching rockets at Israel. If that is a crime, 10,000 other Gazans should also be jailed, as well as the government of Israel, which allows this to happen.

The Arab, of course, was arrested for a different reason: he participated in an attack on IDF soldiers in 2007. Such offenses are taken seriously, and the Arab was duly arrested. Attacks on Israeli civilians are treated as a less serious crime.

The Arab does not belong in jail. He is not a criminal but an enemy fighter, who can be interned or—preferably—killed on sight.

The terrorist group has warned Lebanese citizens to respect traffic signs and pay their electric bills. Will it send suicide bombers to delinquent households?

According to the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics, Arabs now constitute 53% of the population in the North. The ratio of relatively loyal Druze and Christians among Arabs continues to fall.

In demographic terms, Galilee is no less a Palestinian territory than the West Bank.

Unless we expel the Arabs.

February 2010
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