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The Egyptians have blown the whistle: the Israeli and US navies are operating in the Persian Gulf. The only plausible reason is to prepare for commando landings, as the Egyptians have correctly figured out. Special troops will deactivate Iranian air defenses and clear the way for an Israeli strike. IAF landing on American aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf is a very remote possibility.

If true, the attack would mark another touch of genius, following the one we saw in the Gaza war. Commando raids so deep into enemy territory, with such wide goals, have never been tried before, and it would astonishing if Israel could accomplish them.

Such an attack would further confirm the changing rules of warfare: just as conventional warfare has become unacceptably destructive, states follow the terrorists’ lead and turn to low-profile operations: assassinations, the CIA drone wars, and now Iran.

By now, an Israeli strike on Iran seems unavoidable. The government has accepted the possibility of Iran procuring nuclear weapons from North Korea, but assumes that ayatollahs with a couple of A-bombs won’t risk a confrontation with Israel, which has some 200 of them.

Though nearly every Israeli minister had hinted by now that Mabhouh was assassinated by Mossad, Dubai police claim that six out of the assassination team’s eleven members had British passports. Mossad does not normally use British passports: though relations with MI6 are very strong, the British government insists on staying clear of the operations.

Jordan has extradited two Palestinian suspects to Dubai. Though both Israel and Fatah have strained relations with Jordan, the petty kingdom’s audacity is unusual.

If Mossad is behind the assassination, then it is very strange that the US administration did not push Dubai to quash the investigation and Jordan to refrain from extradition.

Dubai is very nervous about assassinations in its territory, and it would be rather odd for Mossad to conduct an operation there.

The Saudi FM has denounced sanctions against Iran which, as he politely put it, are a long-term policy. He said that the Iranian threat needs an immediate solution. An attack, you would think? No, the Saudis are less straightforward. He proceeded to speak about the need for immediate Iranian agreement with the West on exporting uranium stocks.

IDF’s manpower czar has condemned a letter to army rabbis written by the IDF Rabbinate’s Jewish Awareness department. The letter instructed them to refrain from answering questions from soldiers on the army’s participation in settlement eviction. It is a shame for rabbis to keep silent on such a matter, but even this attitude was not enough. IDF demands that its rabbis actually instruct soldiers to evict Jews.

The parallels readily come to mind.

After numerous articles in the media, Tel Aviv police finally started planning to cleanse the central bus station of African illegals. Truthfully, there are many legal Ethiopian immigrants there, as well.

Jews are advised not to enter the bus station’s upper levels because of rampant crime there.

But what can the police do? The illegals have no passports, cannot be deported, and have every “human rights” group on their side. They will be released within a matter of days and return to terrorizing Jewish civilians, who are barred from using weapons against them.

February 2010
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