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Olmert has revealed more details about his offer to Abbas. He was going to transfer the Temple Mount not even to the UN, but to the jurisdiction of “five nations.”

That returns us to the nineteenth-century solution. At that time, the Zionists did not dream of possessing Jerusalem, and only implored the Russian czar and German kaiser to take the city away from the Turks. The post-Zionist leaders of today still cannot believe that we can hold our most sacred place and ignore the Arabs.

Debka has suggested that the Ethiopian airliner’s crash near Lebanon was a terrorist attack. This is possible, yes, but the plane could have exploded for more innocuous reasons.

But we see no basis for the conclusion that Al Qaeda was involved. Al Qaeda had no good reason to bomb a plane carrying Nasrallah and other Hezbollah leaders. They changed their tickets at the last minute.

It is also unlikely that Al Qaeda tipped Hezbollah’s people to change planes. They would rather call off the bombing than risk leaking their plans. Hezbollah would have informed the Ethiopians about the plan, since the terrorist group depends on Ethiopia for arms trafficking. Al Qaeda had no incentive at all to blow up an Ethiopian jet.

The bombing plot against Nasrallah might suggest Israeli involvement, but it is our long-standing policy to avoid huge collateral damage.

The Lebanese Army fired at four IAF planes that had violated Lebanon’s airspace. Israel routinely conducts such flights, which are intended as a show of force. For reconnaissance, IAF would have used high-altitude aircraft.

The Lebanese do not possess SAM batteries, which would be dangerous to Israeli F-16, though low-altitude flights make the planes vulnerable to primitive missiles.

The government has approved a bill which would require NGOs who receive donations from foreign political entities to disclose their sources.

No big deal. Everyone knows they are funded by the EU, which Israel aspires to join.

The bill is easy to circumvent by channeling foreign donations through an Israeli organization.

The Legal Forum for the Land of Israel has issued yet another futile petition for the government to cease sending cash to Gaza. The government currently evaluates a tranche of half a billion shekels.

The transfer itself is not a problem: if Gazans did not receive transaction cash from Israel, they would get it from somewhere else. Israel, like any other country, profits from exporting its paper currency. Rather, the issue lies in tax transfers: Israel indirectly taxes Jewish consumers to support our Arab enemies. The continuing transfers are especially odd considering that the PA takes an increasingly militant position in peace negotiations. The transfers make Israel the PA’s largest donor.

But how do Gazans spend shekels? Since Israel instituted the blockade, they cannot spend shekels, but they cannot be hoarding that much cash, either. It is clear that despite the blockade Israeli-Gazan trade is in full swing.

A few days ago, Jerusalem District Attorney Uri Korb made some waves by calling judges, donkeys – which is often true. Too much for a coincidence. Korb is a lead prosecutor at Olmert trial. Now that Korb is urged to resign, prosecution has no one equally competent in the case details.

Matan Vilnai told the Knesset that 28 settlements continue some construction in violating of the moratorium. Even if so, why not just shut up?

Adam Alon, a member of Israeli Olympic team, stored 18 lbs of marijuana. If he could smoke it and still be a champion, he deserves an extra medal.

Clinton and Erdogan discussed Israel at their meeting in Doha, Qatar. Israelis, of course, were not invited.

The Israeli foreign ministry is okay with this gross offense.

After Ahmadinejad announced Iran’s achievement of 20% enrichment, Obama dispatched Michael Mullen to Israel. Mullen told us that things aren’t really bad, and that it would take Iran one to three years to produce a nuclear bomb. The truth is that it will be three months, actually, after Khamenei gives the order.

To reinforce his message, Obama also sent Joe Biden, who will tell us that the worthless sanctions will somehow work, and that they will work so fast that Iran won’t complete its bomb.

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