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Danny Ayalon continues to advocate Lieberman’s plan for a territorial exchange with the PA, which would transfer Israeli Arab towns to the Palestinian state. Ayalon says that the Arabs would only gain from such an exchange.

Wrong. Palestinian leaders are not stupid, and they understand that Israeli Arabs are their fifth column, a demographic time-bomb ticking underneath the Jews. They will fight Lieberman’s territorial exchange much harder than any other issue.

Israel’s only hope is to abandon the Arab towns unilaterally, just as Jordan abandoned the West Bank. There is nothing sacred about them being incorporated into Israel: the towns lie behind the 1948 armistice line rather than any internationally recognized border. If Israel can entertain abandoning the Golan Heights, which were annexed, we can even more easily abandon Israeli Arab towns that were never formally annexed at all.

NATO troops killed 12 Afghani civilians by mistake, a common occurrence in the fog of war. Goldstone did not rush to investigate the Brits, and neither did the UNSC schedule an extraordinary meeting. Those demarches are reserved for when Israel kills a few Arabs in Gaza.

In its report on Goldstone’s allegations, IDF avoided taking a simple and unassailable position: yes, we did kill hundreds of Arab civilians in Gaza, just as American troops have killed non-combatants in Korea, Vietnam, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and many other places. They are collateral damage. We cannot and will not bend over backwards verifying our targets before every shot. If they do not like that, we can help them all cross into Jordan so that they make it a Palestinian state.

The Israeli Supreme Court has ordered the government to provide free housing in Jerusalem for a Palestinian girl named Maria Amin. She was wounded in Gaza when an Israeli rocket hit a car filled with terrorists. For four years, Israel has been treating the Palestinian girl free of charge.

Now the court has accepted Israeli responsibility for collateral damage among the enemy population. The same court refused to impound the PA’s assets in Israeli banks to compensate Israeli victims of Palestinian terrorism.

An Arab family from Galilee kept their mentally ill 46-year-old son for five years in a basement. Neighbors heard his screams, but did not pursue the matter.

February 2010
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