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Fahmi Shabana, the PA’s anti-corruption czar, stood by his promise to begin publishing incriminating material on Fatah leaders unless they purge their government of corruption. His latest video shows Abbas’ chief adviser demanding sex from a female job applicant.

Clearly Abbas cannot purge corruption, which would require purging every official in Fatah’s government. The PA has issued an arrest warrant for Shabana. He can only hope to stay alive with Israel’s help. Shabana’s revelations are being published through Israeli media.

If Abbas’ government falls, Israel will be able to legitimately and indefinitely takes possession over the West Bank to protect it from a Hamas takeover.

According to Jane’s Defense News, Egypt has rebuilt its old rocket lab in Jebel Hamzi, near Cairo. Egypt has deployed primitive North Korean Scud-C missiles, but is also working on ballistic missiles.

The key to understanding Egypt’s missile program is the date of its acceleration: 2007. At that time, aging Hosni Mubarak was mostly concerned with receiving American approval for a non-democratic handover of power to his son Gamal, and would not have risked an arms race with Israel. The Egyptian missile program is an answer to Iranian nuclear and missile development, which had accelerated shortly before then.

Egypt also runs a military nuclear program, which Israel has to tolerate because of the peace treaty with Egypt.

Dalai LamaThe US president will meet the Dalai Lama next week, despite China’s vigorous protests. The meeting is practically senseless: the Dalai Lama advocates Tibetan autonomy, which the Chinese won’t allow, and the matter is moot anyway, because the Chinese government has planted a great number of colonists in Tibet to drastically change its demography.

Obama hinted that the meeting is a no-starter by scheduling it in the Map Room rather than the Oval Office.

China will react by opposing sanctions on Iran.

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