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Speaking at a rally, Ahmadinejad confirmed that Iran can enrich uranium to 80%, which is weapons-grade. This confirms our estimate that 20% enrichment constitutes a technological breakthrough which leaves no remaining hurdles on Iran’s path to a nuclear bomb.

Meanwhile, the US has introduced a new set of sanctions against particular Iranian companies. The sanctions can easily be circumvented by using straw firms.

…which is not really Iran, but building codes. Israel is ranked 120th in the world in terms of the ease of obtaining building permits. It takes years to receive approval to close off one’s balcony. The codes are not applied to Arabs—who have built some 400,000 housing units illegally—but unauthorized Jewish construction is demolished mercilessly.

The new construction law will not cut down the red tape, but just streamline the approvals. Instead, a proper solution would be to allow anyone to build anything on his land plot as long as the construction is insured and supervised by a licensed architect .

According to a Haifa University poll, 43% of Israeli Arabs theoretically would support National Service, the alternative to the army draft, if they would receive the same benefits as Jewish soldiers.

The arrogance is breathtaking: Jewish teens give three years of their lives to defend our country against Arabs, and receive modest benefits in return. In the National Service, Israeli Arabs do nominal work for their communities for two years, get paid for that—and demand benefits. A trickle of about a thousand Arabs joins the National Service every year.

The National Service loophole was wrong to begin with, and must be closed.

The head of the bureau of Ramallah police attacked an IDF jeep in the West Bank and stabbed a Druze NCO. The attacker was run over by another car while attempting escape. He was arrested, and will spend a few years in jail.

His terrorist status is questionable: though in civilian clothes, he attacked a soldier on a military mission.

Ramallah police are trained by the EU, rather than the US.

Israel’s consul general attended a J Street meeting in Boston. Lieberman’s foreign ministry approved his attendance. Until now, the government has boycotted J Street, but the ultra-left group has apparently softened its anti-Israeli rhetoric a bit, resulting in a rapprochement. The government lacks the guts to oppose the likes of George Soros, who funds J Street.

Agudath Israel of America, the Orthodox Union, the Rabbinical Council of America, and other Jewish religious organizations pleaded with Florida’s governor to spare Martin Grossman from the death sentence imposed on him for brutally murdering a female park ranger. Under Jewish law, of course, Grossman’s death penalty is indisputable.

The same groups did not care to intervene for Yigal Amir or Yoram Skolnick.

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, 34% of Jewish families in Tel Aviv lack children.

Average Jewish family has 1.5 children, and the number is much lower among atheists. Meanwhile, the average Arab family has 2.8 children. If the Arab birth rate is twice the Jewish rate, the ratio of Arabs to Jews in Israel will double within one generation.

Unless we expel them.

February 2010
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