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Following the West’s offer to supply Iran with enriched uranium for its research reactor if it halts enrichment, Iran vowed to continue enrichment until the West supplies it with the fuel.

The reckless Vienna draft allowed Iran to have its cake and eat it, too: it mastered what is essentially weapons-grade uranium enrichment and demands fuel supply offered by the West in October last year.

Iranian research uranium produces plutonium.

A lack of cooperation from Jerusalem municipality precluded police on Monday from evicting the Jews of Beit Yehonatan in the Silwan district of Jerusalem.

The Jews—o, horror!—had built more than the two stories allowed in the area by zoning regulations. Somehow early Zionists built without any permits at all, and the goal of settling the land was considered more important than petty regulations.

And petty they are: tens of thousands of Arab housing units in the area exceed the two-story limit.

Eager to please his Russian friends, Mashaal has announced that the US is preventing Palestinian reconciliation.

The last we heard, it was Hamas— not really a staunch US ally—that walked out of the reconciliation talks.

The authoritative Pew poll results should have prompted all honest peaceniks to commit hara-kiri.

Sixteen years after signing a peace treaty with Israel, 97% of Jordanians detest Jews. The situation has improved somewhat in Egypt; after 31 years at peace with Israel, only 95% of the population hates Jews.

Israeli Arabs are almost loyal: just 35% of them dislike their Jewish neighbors. Only half a million potential terrorists.

In nuclear Pakistan, Jews are resented by 78% of the population.

In Jordan and Egypt 56% and 52%, respectively, support Hamas. Among Palestinians, 44% support the terrorist group (the rest support Fatah, the second-largest terrorist group).

Israeli Arabs again proved loyal: only 21% support Hamas and 27% Hizbullah, which gives the terrorists only about 400,000 potential recruits.

Unless we expel them.

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