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Netanyahu has endorsed Lieberman’s proposal to allow Israeli expats to vote from abroad. The assumption is that those who take part in elections have preserved their Israeli identity and so lean toward right-wing parties. Livni slammed the bill for that very reason.

Well-financed ultra-left organizations can change the voting pattern by bringing relatively large numbers of liberal expats to the voting booths.

Palestinians pelted Israeli Border Police with stones in Shuafat, near Jerusalem.

Police entered the Palestinian nest to arrest a few Arab criminals, but mostly to ensure the security of Jerusalem municipal workers who were due to enter Shuafat the next morning. The municipality maintains Shuafat’s infrastructure even though its workers fear for their lives when they enter the neighborhood.

Palestinian behavior regarding the municipality seems bizarrely self-destructive until we recall Rabbi Kahane’s words, “It was our [Arab] desert, and now it’s your garden.” Arabs will not sell their national pride for municipal services, and therefore we must expel them.

The Supreme Court has released two ISM activists on bail. The activists had fanned Arab riots, and the army considered them sufficiently dangerous to arrest even in Ramallah.

Haifa court judge Moshe Gilad’s car was set on fire. He can now enjoy a taste of the crime he encouraged for decades as a criminal lawyer in the service of Israel’s most notorious clans, including Mor’s.

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