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Bringing corporate concepts in the NGO world, J Street has decided to enlarge itself through M&A. Despite being extremely well financed by George Soros and his ilk, which makes it an attractive white knight for crisis-stricken ultra-left Jewish groups, J Street is really a marginal group dwarfed by pro-Israeli lobbies.

J Street is now in talks over acquiring Brit Tzedek. A tiny pro-Arab organization with a staff of just five self-hating Jews, Brit Tzedek boasts of 48,000 volunteers, only a few thousand of whom are real. The acquisition of Brit Tzedek would provide J Street with local chapters throughout the United States.

A group of illegal migrants attacked police officers in Givatayim after being asked for their ID cards—which, it appeared, were fake.

Tel Aviv central bus station recently made headlines as a bastion of crime. Women and children are not advised to venture into the station’s upper floors. It goes without saying that the crime there is largely Ethiopian and Arab.

Hours after Nazareth’s deputy mayor Ali Salam demonstrated against domestic violence, his son was arrested for murdering his wife.

Turki al Faisal publicly shook a hand of Lieberman’s Danny Ayalon. The Israeli deputy FM explicitly asked for a handshake, though Turki earlier had refused to sit near him.

The tourism minister, another Lieberman appointee, earlier similarly cornered his Iranian counterpart during an exhibition.

If only the progress of peace could be measured by the amount of handshakes.

The kingdom barred15,000 individuals from the medical profession after they failed very basic tests and their certificates appeared to be forged.

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