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Ban Ki-Moon with Mahmoud AbbasThe UN Secretary General delivered a vague report to the GA on Israeli and Palestinian compliance with Goldstone report.

Israel’s investigation, according to Ban, was not independent or credible. Clearly, a government cannot be impartial investigating its own army.

Strangely, Allied prosecutors did not roam post-Nazi Germany asking the locals if they had any complaints against the occupying troops.

Silvio Berlusconi Israel best friendDuring his visit to Israel, the Italian PM did three things unimaginable for PC European politicians.

He unequivocally supported the Israeli war in Gaza, told Abbas to resume the fruitless peace talks with no preconditions, and remarked to journalists that he did not notice the separation wall, a symbol of the Israeli ‘occupation.’

Russian FM Lavrov meets Hamas MashaalThe Russian FM invited Hamas leader Mashaal for a meeting in Moscow. The Russians have refrained from high-level official meetings with Hamas since its takeover of Gaza, though the Russian FM met Mashaal a couple of times while he was hiding in Damascus.

The Russians are rightly concerned with Hamas’ power, rather than its legitimacy.

Yigal Amir arrestedJailed hero Yigal Amir again appealed to court to rescind his terms of solitary confinement. The establishment keeps Yigal Amir isolated while Arab murderers live happily in common cells with satellite TV and cellular phones.

Yigal will spend most of his life in jail for murdering a bad prime minister while Ahmed Saadat, jailed for murdering a good tourism minister, will be freed in a prisoner exchange.

Avigdor Lieberman and Bibi Netanyahu cartoonIsrael’s FM and PM have made some contradictory remarks about returning the Golan Heights. Lieberman asserted that Assad can forget about the hills, while Netanyahu retorted that his government is ready to negotiate with Syria—and there is only one issue to negotiate: how quickly the Golan Heights are to be returned.

Looking at Europe’s condemnation of the Iranian nuclear program, Netanyahu must be busy preparing for a strike on Iran, and does not want to alienate Syria any further. But no doubt, at some point we will have a government which values a piece of paper with Syria’s signature more than it values land, and that government will return the Golan Heights.

In a routine incident, a 25-year-old Palestinian was arrested at Qalandiya checkpoint near Jerusalem, where he tried to stab an Israeli solder.

Since the Arab did not succeed in murdering the Jew, he will sit in a comfortable jail cell for two or three years, after which he will be released in a prisoner exchange, a hero to his friends and recipient of a Fatah pension.

Haniyeh, Shaath in GazaIn a joint press conference with Hamas’ Haniyeh, Fatah’s Shaath expressed hope that the two terrorist groups will be reconciled by March.

The reconciliation, which will nominally reestablish Fatah’s rule in Gaza, will open the floodgates of foreign aid to the terrorist group.

Haniyeh and Shaath spoke in front of the background of the Dome of the Rock banner, leaving no doubt about their demands on Israel.

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