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Newspapers are howling over a routine incident: two more illegal migrants were killed in Sinai this week, and another one is in critical condition. Egyptian police thankfully are doing the dirty work for Israel.

Egypt shoots the illegals on its own territory, where they have committed no crime, but the Israeli government refuses to give IDF the commonsense order to shoot infiltrators in the Negev after they have already committed the major crime of crossing the border illegally.

Regrettably, there is no other way to stop the hordes.

In the meantime, the Knesset Internal Affairs Committee has derailed a bill which would allow Israeli soldiers to keep African illegals out of our country. In the Committee’s view, the bill did not provide sufficiently for asylum seekers. Never mind that no legitimate asylum seeker can enter Israel due to her geography: by the time the Africans reach Egypt, they have already reached asylum, and they only infiltrate Israel for economic reasons.

Israel’s police chief warns that a power vacuum in the criminal world will lead to street violence after the courts put 11 out of 18 clan leaders in jail.

Saeb ErekatPalestinian negotiator Erekat prepared a memo detailing “non-violent” resistance options. The non-violence for Palestinians consists in the fact that their rioters won’t be armed.

One of the measures is fighting a ban on Palestinian laborers introduced by some (regrettably, very few) Israeli settlements for nationalist and security reasons.

Erekat’s salary comes from Israeli tax transfers.

Dan Meridor on religionDeputy PM Dan Meridor met Reform and Conservative ‘rabbis’ from America and voiced some unorthodox opinions.

To Meridor, the Western Wall is not a religious place, but a national monument. Rabbis, accordingly, must be barred from setting rules for attendance.
He also lamented the fact that not all religious streams are equal in Israel. Guess what, this is a country of Judaism, not of Reform ‘rabbis’ or Polynesian shamans.

For their part, the American ‘rabbis’ protested an incident in which a female Reform ‘rabbi’ was barred from the Western Wall because the clown put on tallit.

Bashar Assad on IsraelThe Syrian autocrat condemned Israeli efforts to root Hamas out of Gaza. He noted correctly that Al Qaeda would take over the place immediately.

Indeed, tens of thousands of Gazan extremists won’t cooperate with Fatah, which only fakes resistance; instead they follow radical Salafist groups which belong to the Al Qaeda franchise.

Palestinians detonated a road bomb near Erez Crossing while a Red Cross convoy was passing by.

Hamas maintains good relations with the Red Cross, and uses its ambulances for smuggling. Perhaps the friends had a quarrel.

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