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An IDF probe has resulted in disciplinary measures being enacted against two IDF commanders who approved the firing of white phosphorus shells into Gazan towns. Never mind that the shells were fired above the towns.

The probe is strictly forbidden under religious guidelines. Its members commit the high crime of informing gentiles on Jewish transgressions—a crime which will certainly lead to more Israel-bashing. The haters will reason that Israel is guilty of many more cases of using white phosphorus than it has admitted to. In Jewish religious law, the crime is punishable by death.

Who needs the truth? Why could the commission not simply confirm that IDF used white phosphorus shells properly, for lighting purposes only?

IDF prosecution had opened a total of 36 criminal cases connected to the Gaza war. We’ve yet to hear about a single criminal case opened by Hamas against its fighters.

The Defense Minister has compared the situation with Syria to that with Egypt after the 1973 war: it takes a large-scale war to make it possible to negotiate the same terms that both parties were committed to all along.

After 1973, Israel acceded to the demand Egypt had been making since 1971—to return Sinai and live in peace.

Regrettably, Barak is right on this. Syria will attack with a thousand mid-range missiles, and Israel will defeat it, but the shock will force Israelis to negotiate away the Golan Heights.

Having waited a few days after Mitchell’s visit so as  to preserve a some appearance of independence, Abbas has announced his readiness to continue peace talks with Israel.

Abbas ‘only’ wants a three-month Jewish construction freeze in East Jerusalem, which would confirm that Israel is ready to negotiate away its capital. With negotiations underway, the Israeli government won’t be able to resume the construction on a meaningful scale.

Abbas has also demanded that the talks start from Olmert’s maximum offer, which included the Temple Mount.

Israeli Arab terroristsShin Bet security service arrested two Israeli Arabs from Jerusalem who enlisted in Hamas and spied on Israeli targets with the intention of carrying out terrorist attacks.

And no joke, they are good Arabs who are honestly fighting the people who took what they think of as Arab land.

A female suicide bomber killed 54 Iraqi Shiite pilgrims and wounded a hundred more. Terrorists have really mastered their technology of explosive belts to achieve so large a number of casualties. Previously, a hundred casualties could only be achieved with a car bomb.

Obama stands by his promise to withdraw US troops by August, and leave Israel to deal with the terrorist nest created in place of Saddam’s stable regime.

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