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The US administration leaked information about plans to beef up its missile defense systems in the Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia. Militarily, this is complete nonsense: there is not a chance that Iran would attack these countries even if Israel were to strike at Natanz. Bahrain is increasingly falling into Irani’s orbit; UAE is Iran’s window to the outside world, despite the sanctions; and attacking Saudi Arabia would certainly bring the USAF into Tehran.

Obama’s move is merely a show intended to balance Ahmadinejad’s achievements. The Iranian leader has promised that by early February his country will start enriching uranium to 20%. The same technology would allow Iran to enrich its stocks to weapons-grade. Iran’s Weapons Group had already conducted successful experiments on implosive warheads, and 20% enrichment capability means that Iran is three months away from manufacturing the bomb.

As we had expected, Hamas threatened retaliatory attacks on Israeli targets abroad over the Dubai assassination. That won’t happen anytime soon because the assassinated terrorist had not been active in Gaza for many years and had only historical importance to Hamas. Unless, being based in Dubai, he was Hamas’ liaison with Iran.

Mossad’s involvement in strangling Mabhouh (or poisoning him through a pillow, by another account) is made somewhat doubtful by reports that he had noticed weeks before his assassination that he was being shadowed. Mossad would normally abandon a non-vital operation if the target had been alerted.

Israel reportedly was forced to accept America’s invitation to a conference on nuclear proliferation. Most of the countries attending the conference lack nuclear capabilities, but it is generally understood that Israel is invited as a nuclear club member.

Israeli participation in the conference is pointless: Jews do not engage in nuclear proliferation.

By exposing Israel’s illegal nuclear program, Obama deliberately puts the Jewish state on the same footing with Iran. Obama’s plan is to prevent Israel from pushing him too hard on Iran.

Evil Israeli soldiers robbed a Palestinian civilian at a checkpoint near Schem. The poor fellow lost six pipe bombs to the Zionists and was unable to continue on his mission to kill a few Jews.

Meanwhile, other Palestinian freedom fighters hurled stones at an Israeli car not far from Ramallah, wounding a Jewish woman.

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