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The EU has scaled back its aid to Fatah, which now claims it cannot afford fuel for Gaza’s only power station. At the same time, Fatah supports 90,000 holders of security sinecures.

Hamas does not want to pay for fuel either.

It seems that Israel will now supply free fuel to Gaza, in addition to free water and electricity. Well, not exactly free: they send us rockets in return.

A year ago, when Bush was in Baghdad, Muntadar al Zaidi opened the era of modern shoe-throwing. Israeli citizen Pinchas Cohen learned from his example and threw his sneakers at the abominable Dorit Beinisch, president of the Israeli Supreme Court, a ultra-left scoundrel who is personally responsible for hundreds of casualties among Jews, casualties caused by her irresponsible rulings on security issues.

Like al Zaidi, Cohen was indicted for criminal assault, though his shoes regrettably posed no threat to Beinisch, and he was only expressing his political opinion. In Jewish and Arab tradition alike, taking off one’s shoe, much more than throwing it, is an extreme offense.

Israeli Airspace Industries has unveiled its new Amos 4 satellite. The satellite is equipped with 10 antennas, which would greatly extend Israeli spying abilities in Europe and Asia.

Police arrested four people who assassinated notorious Israeli criminal Mor Elgrabli two weeks ago. No bystander was hurt in the process, so why should we care that some criminals cleansed our society of some other criminals?

Acting on the Supreme Court’s order, Israeli police removed a seven-year-old child from his Jewish mother. The child will be deported and sent to live with his father in France, who claims that his ex-wife stole the child.

The judges of Israel were unconcerned with the woman’s declaration that her ex-husband used to beat their first child, or more importantly, that the halachically Jewish child will be torn from his mother and expelled from his homeland.

Jerusalem court issued an even bolder ruling than we expected: all the rioters arrested in the Sheikh Jarrah incident were released because, according to the court, no permit was necessary for their demonstration.

Israel law is clear that all political demonstrations must receive police approval because they can reasonably be expected to lead to clashes. But the court treated Sheikh Jarrah like a common housing dispute, even though the ultra-leftists themselves made it clear that they were protesting Jewish settlement in Arab areas of Jerusalem, a clearly political issue.

But ultra-leftists are above the law.

Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat has revealed that Olmert made him an offer to resettle 1,000 Palestinian refugees in five years. A token favor, indeed.

Erekat voiced Abbas’ “minimum” demands for restarting the peace talks. Israel must agree to admit any refugees who want to return to their long-gone grandparents’ homes, potentially doubling the Arab presence in Israel. Israel must also agree to dismantle all settlement blocs and give away Jerusalem.

Neither Abbas nor any other Palestinian leader can sign a peace treaty with Israel that forfeits the refugees’ right of return or does not include Jerusalem. There is simply no basis for peace talks with Palestinian Arabs.

Are we mad to subsidize the PA?

Israeli media are apoplectic over an interview given by the head of Rosoboronexport, Russia’s major arms trader. He said that there are no impediments to the delivery of S-300 to Iran.

One need not worry over such statements. He just seeks to please his clients. Besides, Rosoboronexport has a personal quarrel with the US, which imposed sanctions on it specifically to limit weapons sales to Iran. So he is teasing the Americans.

Though there are no legal impediments to S-300 sales, American pressure so far has effectively prevented Russia from delivering the SAM batteries to Iran.

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