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The Palestinian administration slammed EU officials eager to meet Hamas leaders. Hamas, they claim, has two agendas: one for the West, and another for Arabs.

But so does Fatah. One day Abbas talks to Mitchell and expresses interest in reaching peace with Israel, and the next day he gives a fiery speech in Ramallah vowing to fight the Zionists till the bitter end.

And so does Israel, whose leaders proclaim that Jerusalem will remain united forever, but negotiate its partitioning with Muslims.

It has long been politically incorrect in Israel to speak of Arabs, but now Africans are also taboo. Netanyahu presented the law against illegal workers as being intended to protect them from human trafficking.

Of course, their rights are the last thing the PM is worried about, but he cannot bring himself to speak the simple truth: we don’t want them here.

The Israeli Minister of Welfare forgot his obligation to care about just that—Israeli welfare; he is now working to get Haitian orphans adopted in Israel.

There are tens of thousands of Jewish orphans right here in Israel, and many more in Eastern Europe, but of course we must care of the Haitians first.

The minister claimed that we must help the Haitians because they voted in the UN for establishing Israel in 1947. Oh sure, they did. The Haitian dictator voted with us because we paid him.

The ultra-left bunch have succeeded in creating a new hot spot: in addition to routine Friday riots near the security barrier in the West Bank, they now riot in Jerusalem.

Ultra-leftists staged a demonstration of about 300 two-legged peaceniks near the Jewish houses in Sheikh Jarrah. Having lost any touch with reality, the demonstrators accused the Jews living in Sheikh Jarrah of thievery, though it is the Jews who legally purchased the house and the Arabs who refused to vacate the building.

Yossi Sarid, an exceptional scum, used the event to return to politics, reneging on his promise to quit four years ago. Tellingly, Sarid expressed concerns over the situation “with families in Sheikh Jarrah,” meaning Arabs. He does not even think of Jewish families.

The Ultra-leftists refused a police order to disperse when their permit expired and actually pushed at the police. Any right-wingers would spend years in jail for attacking police, but a Jerusalem court immediately released the handful of arrested ultra-leftists on bail. Eventually they will pay fines and continue their incitement against Jews.

The Fatah government has rejected Mitchell’s entreaties to continue negotiations with Israel. Oddly, the Palestinians feel free to defy pressure from the United States, their leading donor and supporter.

Though most commentators concentrate on the Palestinian demand for a construction freeze in East Jerusalem, their more important demand is that negotiations be resumed where they left off in December 2008, when Olmert offered Abbas the widest concessions ever, including the destruction of dozens of Jewish villages and abandonment of the Temple Mount to the Muslim enemy.

Abbas wants more than that.

UNIFIL’s commander claimed in an interview that Hezbollah has not smuggled any arms into Southern Lebanon. The fivefold increase in rocket arsenals must be a mirage, then.

But the commander accused Israel of violating the ceasefire with IAF’s overfly of the Hezbollah-controlled territory.

The government has agreed to pay pensions to Gazans. Israeli taxpayers will thus subsidize the Arabs whose legitimate government keeps Shalit hostage. The government’s decision is one of the goodies that Mitchell delivered to the Palestinians even though Netanyahu had claimed just days before that there would be no further concessions.

This Israeli infamy stands in stark contrast to the Egyptian position. After Hamas members shot an Egyptian soldier, Mubarak cracked down hard on Hamas, even barring Mashaal from Egypt and practically closing the smuggling channels.

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