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terrorists in EritreaIDF officially warned Netanyahu that Al Qaeda might send suicide bombers into Israel with the throngs of African migrants who enter Israel illegally through Sinai. IDF is trying to find a politically correct explanation for building the Sinai wall: now it will be intended to defend us against terrorists rather than illegals.

But why would Al Qaeda need to infiltrate Israel through Eritrea if there are 1.5 million potential terrorists living right here among us?

Fatah bannerIsrael’s Public Security Minister has banned the PA from distributing scholarships to Israeli Arab students. The students will receive the same scholarships, but the money will be routed through an Israeli Arab charity.

The PA Ministry of Education openly checks East Jerusalem students’ exam papers, even though Israel funds schools there.

This week, Palestinian officials met Norwegian diplomats in an official ceremony in East Jerusalem.

The Israeli government has de facto accepted Palestinian sovereignty over East Jerusalem, but wrongly resists Palestinian control over Israeli Arabs. That way, Israel will abandon East Jerusalem but accept the Arabs. It is far better to show on every occasion that Israeli Arabs fully belong to Palestine.

Israel celebrates political victory over ObamaNow that Obama has publicly repented pushing Israel to sign peace with the Palestinians, the Israeli government is jubilant.

Peres has suggested that Abbas climb down from the high tree he got into expecting aid from Obama. Netanyahu also treated the Palestinians as monkeys when he announced that in any future agreement Israel will retain full control over the demilitarization of their state.

The Palestinians retorted that not a single Israeli will be allowed in their state, which raises the question of why Israel needs a peace which is actually no more than a disengagement.

Both sides are expected to rebuff Obama’s envoy Mitchell and slip back into the comfortable hostility which requires no concessions from either of them.

Victor Yuschenko honors NazisThe Ukrainian president, who was pompously installed in the US-sponsored “Orange revolution,” bestowed the highest state honors on Stephen Bandera, a notorious war criminal who led a Ukrainian battalion of SS troops.

The Ukrainian president was warmly welcomed in Israel not long ago, and Israel is currently finalizing a visa-free travel arrangement which would bring here hordes of Jew-haters from Ukraine.

TalibanThe American puppet Karzai has unveiled an absurd plan to pay Taliban fighters to lay down their arms. The plan will also give them sinecures.

The idea clearly comes from Palestine, where it was carried out in a different context: lazy, unmotivated, corrupt Fatah gangsters were living civilian lives anyway, and most of them were only too happy to accept nominal jobs and cash in exchange for a promise to refrain from terrorism, which they had not engaged in for years, anyway.

Honest, militant, and highly motivated Taliban fighters are a different bunch.

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