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Obama's bold gesturesIn an interview with Time, Obama accused Israel of refusing to “move with any bold gestures” toward Palestinian Arabs.

Sure, let’s do something bold, like abandoning Jerusalem. Perhaps that would please Hamas terrorists enough that they would recognize the State of Israel.

David Martin AbrahamsDavid Martin Abrahams, a UK businessman whose political donations have created not a few scandals, met in Hebron with Dwaik, Hamas’ speaker in the Palestinian parliament.

Typically of peace mavens, Abrahams grew dissatisfied with Fatah over Arafat’s unwillingness to implement the Oslo Accords, but drew the wrong conclusions. Instead of pronouncing the peace process dead, he turned to Hamas for its implementation.

Sensitive to Western media, Dweik announced that Hamas is ready to recognize Israel and renounce the provisions in its charter calling for our extermination. As if the divinely sanctioned Jewish state needs recognition from terrorists. Dweik forgot to say that this recognition would only follow Israel’ abandonment of Jerusalem and acceptance of millions of Palestinian refugees.

Eritreans in IsraelA Jerusalem Court will hear a case against two illegal migrants from Eritrea who collected money from other illegals on behalf of Sinai Bedouins who kidnapped their relatives (would-be illegals) for ransom.

Israeli rescue personnel are endangered by the continuing earthquakes in Haiti. Jewish law forbids risking one’s life in such circumstances.

Fafah officials decried the White House’s threats to cut off aid to the PA and even institute a blockade if Fatah reconciles with Hamas.

Fatah has already proved its resilience by accepting the Egyptian terms of reconciliation. It was Hamas that refused to sign the agreement over Abbas’ indecisive position on the Goldstone report.

Obama won’t be able to cut off aid in the event that the terrorist groups reconcile. Today, the US supplies aid even to Hamas-controlled Gaza, and previously provided aid to Fatah-Hamas unity government. The US administration will save face by claiming that it channels money solely to Fatah and not to Hamas’ part of the government.

Israeli Arabs riotThe EU-funded Association for Civil Rights in Israel pushed the Registrar for Cooperative Associations to seek the cancellation of the Mitzpe Aviv village charter.

The offending document asks of future residents that they share the values of Zionism—which, as ACRI rightly understands, implies rejection of Israeli Arabs.

But if they do not share our values, should we not expel them rather than admitting them into our communities?

The Mitzpe Aviv case will be a litmus test for many other communities who use politically correct wordings in statutes designed to discourage Arabs from joining the attractive villages the Jews have developed for themselves.

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