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Israeli police and Shabak state security agents raided a yeshiva in the village of Yitzhar and arrested a minor and several other students allegedly connected to the vandalism in the Yasuf mosque.

It would be unthinkable for the police to raid a mosque whose members “merely” vandalized a synagogue, as muslims often do.

The subservient court ordered preliminary detention for one week, even though the students are clearly not going to vandalize another mosque in the meantime, nor do they pose a flight risk.

Dozens of Taliban guerrillas and suicide bombers slipped close to the palace in Kabul and engaged the security forces in a fierce firefight. Even as the Americans are sending a futile reinforcement to Afghanistan, their puppet regime is crumbling.

Meanwhile, American troops have begun to withdraw from Iraq despite the deteriorating security situation there.

Amnesty International made some waves with its latest report on Gaza, which claims Israel’s blockade is collective punishment. Of course it is—and the Palestinian shelling of Sderot is collective punishment, too. And so is every war.

The collective punishment of the blockade only becomes a problem when Israeli doves insist that we’re conducting some police operation in Gaza rather than fighting a Jewish-Muslim war.

During his visit to Germany, Netanyahu confirmed a five-year-old order for a Dolphin-class submarine. Equipped with air-independent propulsion, the submarine can reach Iran submerged and undetected. Like other Dolphin submarines, this one can easily be modified to carry nuclear weapons. At a cost of about $1 billion, this is Israel’s sixth submarine whose only realistic target is Iran.

January 2010
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