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Police arrested the director of ACRI, an ultra-left organization financed by the EU, when about 150 ultra-leftists rioted near the new Jewish house in Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem.

While it is normal for the EU to finance “democratic” NGOs in other countries (what does democracy have to do with the Jewish right to live in a legally purchased house?), it is not a standard practice to aid organizations which regularly break local laws.

Nefesh B’Nefesh, a successful aliyah organization, used to promote Neve Tzuf, a religious village close to Jerusalem, as a place to “Live the Dream.” Its Orthodox inhabitants even enjoyed remarkably good relations with their Arab neighbors. Well, no more.

EU-funded ultra-left organizations brought Arabs from other areas of Israel to protest against the tent Jewish children had built near a spring a few meters outside the village’s fence. The Arabs and ultra-leftists burned the tent, and now stage regular provocations in the vicinity.

Afraid of their cameras, the army does nothing: no one would commend the soldiers if they stopped the rioters, but doing so would entail risking prosecution for the slightest mistake. If conservative Jews had attempted something similar near an Arab village, they would have been jailed by now for incitement.

In an operation involving hundreds of agents, police arrested one Goel Ratzon, a well-known Israeli guru. He had dozens of wives and children.

For a decade, no one had bothered to arrest Ratzon for polygamy, though less famous Jews are routinely jailed for that offense.

Now the police plan to indict him for holding slaves, a recent innovation in Israeli law designed to diminish the number of foreign prostitutes here. Israel’s totalitarian courts are accustomed to activist readings of laws, but even they might find Ratzon’s case to be too much. The women practically deified him, and lived with him more than willingly, so where is the case for slavery?

Hundreds of medics and rescuers were flown to Haiti, and Magen David Adom (Israeli ambulance) urges people to donate money to Haitian rescue efforts.

Excuse me, are there not enough charity causes in Israel? Do Jews have any charity money to spare after we feed our hungry and reinforce our schools?

After Arab terrorists planted a bomb to kill an Israeli diplomat in Jordan, the local security establishment was credited with swiftly arresting the perpetrators.

Jordan publicly denied the allegations that it had arrested the Arab heroes.

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