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Turkey is considering recalling its ambassador to Israel in the wake of an extremely rude reprimand given to him by Lieberman’s deputy, Danny Ayalon.

Ayalon clearly acted on orders from Lieberman, who also minced no words about Turkey’s behavior.

In the end, Ayalon had to apologize before the Turkish ambassador, though it was actually Turkey which started this round of crisis by launching an anti-Semitic TV show.

It takes a Soviet Union to conduct brutish,  Soviet-style diplomacy.

Jordan has filed a claim for the Dead Sea Scrolls with UNESCO. The claim is based on the fact that Israel seized the scrolls from an East Jerusalem museum during the Six-Day War.

Though Jordan occupied East jerusalem illegally from 1948 to 1967, and thus has no legitimate claim to the scrolls, a Palestinian claim for them would be very strong. If East Jerusalem falls to a Palestinian state, Israel will have to transfer the scrolls to our Arab enemies.

In the mayhem of peace negotiations everyone would likely forget to obtain a Palestinian agreement to transfer the scrolls to Israel.

The State Comptroller’s report on IDF prisons details the appalling conditions in which Israeli soldiers are being detained, often for minor transgressions.

Their conditions contrast sharply with the resort-like conditionsJewish taxpayers provide for jailed Palestinian terrorists.

A bomb in Kfar Fila narrowly missed a Hezbollah loyalist named Mohammad Zreik, wounding a few Lebanese civilians instead. The incident closely follows another bombing attempt against Hezbollah, which saw two Hamas members killed instead. Another bomb killed a physicist in Iran, though Israel normally assassinates foreign nuclear researchers during their foreign trips.

It could seem that, unable to strike at Iran with military means, Netanyahu had given Mossad a green light instead, but Zreik is a too unimportant a figure. The death of the Iranian fellow is no less odd: an astrophysicist, he was a leading figure in the Iranian nuclear program, according to IAEA.

The State Comptroller criticized the government for propaganda failures, namely for lacking a proper Arabic-speaking PR group.

No amount of propaganda, though, would change the Arabs’ minds. It remains a simple fact that the land was once Muslim, and now belongs to Jews.

Shimon Peres, a sham of an Israeli president, led a visit by dozens of Israeli industry bosses to Nazareth, where he urged them to invest in the Arab sector. The Jewish part of Nazareth proved to be of no interest to Peres.

An important “War and Peace Index” poll shows that 21% of Israelis oppose peace negotiations. This translates into some 30% of Israeli Jews being against any concessions to the Palestinians. Given the amount of media brainwashing to which Israelis are subjected, that figure is remarkably high, and it would have been even higher if the poll were formulated correctly. A lot of pro-peace respondents did not know, for example, that our main “peace partners,” Fayad and Abbas, expressed their condolences to the families of the three murderers of Rabbi Chai, duly dispatched by the IDF to houris.

A similar figure of 20% supported Netanyahu’s refusal to trade major terrorists for an unfortunate Israeli corporal.

Curiously, 17% of Israeli Arabs opposed the High Court’s decision to open Highway 443 to the Palestinians. They are reasonably concerned that Palestinian terrorists do not bother to verify a driver’s religion before shooting at him.

Congressman Gary Ackerman reportedly aided an American businessman meeting with Israeli officials. At most, he is accused of violating the House ethics rules. For Olmert, a similar assistance to Talansky resulted in criminal prosecution.

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